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SHIMMER Voume 80 announced


For the fourth year in a row, the all female promotion SHIMMER Women Athletes will be a part of the WWN Live Experience festivities!

SHIMMER will present a unique array of talent, featuring the very best female professional wrestlers from around the world, as part of its live event on April 2nd, 2016 at 4pm on iPPV in Dallas, Texas!

You can find out ticket information and more here.

  • Leah L

    Having this show the day before Mania also in Dallas, Shimmer will load this show with the best talent available.

  • J’ Liz

    no doubt Shimmer will bring it on April 2nd ! With WrestleMania the next night, WWE will definitely send William Regal, Jason Albert & other talent scouts to the show.

  • Nell-o

    Oh man I’d love to get second-row tickets and see them in person, the 15 hour drive would be more than worth it and it being in close proximity to WM is sure to garner them more attention. And it’s always nice to see some of the divas (like Paige, Emma, Nattie, Becky, etc.) getting to hang out with their old friends and Paige’s family will surely be there. Every time Sweet Saraya’s around, I’m hoping they’ll use her in a segment like they’re using Ric with Char.