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Sexy Flor gets a WWE tryout


One of the female names at the WWE Tryout that took place last week at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida is Luchadore Sexy Flor.

The Luchadora who is from Texas made her debut in 2009 and currently wrestles mostly in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.

Recently she was in the CMLL backed Gutiérrez Promociones CMLL vs. Independientes show July 12, 2010 in the Plaza de Toros Lauro Luis Longoria de Nuevo Laredo, Mexico.

  • Alex

    1) I thought she was becoming a boxer.
    2) SCS,

    Do you all have some insight to which of the tryout participants are likely to be signed to the company?


    • Sexy Star and Sexy Flor are two different people.

      Yes we do. We wait till medicals and visas are all ok before we report on females who get signed.

      • Alex

        My mistake, when I posted the above comment I should’ve gave the article more than just a very brief glance.


        • Alex


          Do you have an update on when Crazy Mary Dobson will begin training at the WWE PC?


          • Joseph

            Maybe the beginning of 2017?

          • She reports this month. I think around the 18th

  • Alex

    If she’s signed I hope the WWE lets her keep the mask gimmick, it could help SF stand out from the rest of the women in the division.


  • CharlotteDoesItWithFlair

    She hasn’t wrestled in 6 years?

  • YouDontWannaGetOuttaMyFace?

    keep it