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Several UK female wrestlers appear on RAW

Last night on Monday Night RAW WWE was in Liverpool, England and boy oh boy did they feature a lot of UK talent. In total six British female wrestlers appeared on the show and one Canadian female wrestler. Find more information about them after the jump.

ayesharayAyesha Ray (@amazonayesharay) appeared on RAW as one of Adam Rose’s rosebuds. That appearance was her second time appearing as a rosebud this year. She was trained by Saraya Knight (the mother of WWE Diva Paige) and Robbie Brookside (WWE NXT Trainer). For only having debuted in 2009 she’s done a lot capturing the SWF Ladies Title and the PWF Ladies Tag Titltes with Destiny. She’s recently worked in Japan for the STARDOM promotion joining the Moster-Gunn stable with Kyoko Kimaura, Alpha Female, and Hailey Hatred. She even managed to capture the Artist of STARDOM title along with Kimaura and Alpha Female and keeping the title for almost her entire Japan tour. Her nickname is “The Amazon” due to her tall 6’0″ frame, allowing her to tower over her competitors. She also wrestled in Australia wrestling for the PWWA promotion headed by Madison Eagles. While she mainly wrestles in the UK she’s expanding her horizons quickly.

Carmel Jacob (@Carmel_Jacob) was another female wrestler who was a rosebud last night. The Scottish born female is no stranger to WWE having had several tryouts for the promotion in the past. The 26 year old is a mainstay in PCW, ICW UK, and Fierce Females. She made her wrestling debut back in 2006 and has captured the W3L Women’s Title and GSW Ladies Title in her career. She has connections to Sara-Marie Taylor who is her tag team partner and together they form The Glamor Gym. The two of them saw success in Pro Wrestling EVE and now they seem to be causing havoc in Fierce Females. She’s also closely linked with her boyfriend Liam Thomson as the pair frequently teams together in promotions all over the UK.

Speaking of Sara-Marie Taylor (@SirenSara) she is another female who was a rosebud on RAW last night. Whilst she’s most known for her tag team The Glamour Gym with Carmel Jacob she’s quite the accomplished singles wrestler as well. The 25 year old Scotland native started her in ring career back in 2005, being trained by former WWE superstar Drew McIntyre and Ricky Knight (the father of WWE Diva Paige). She has captured the W3L women’s title and the SSW Diamond’s Title, both of which she still currently holds. She is one of the top females in Fierce Females having aligned herself with champion Kay Lee Ray and her Glamour Gym partner Carmel Jacob to cause pandaemonium in the promotion.

nikkistormProbably the biggest name that was apart of the females who were one of Adam Rose’s rosebuds last night was Nikki Storm (@NikkiStorm1). The Glasgow, Scotland wrestler was just eliminated on TNA’s British Bootcamp TV series the other night and quickly appears on WWE television the next night showing just how in demand she is. While Storm has only been in the business for six years she’s one of, if not the top female in Europe at the moment. She was trained by Damian O’Connor along with Fit Finlay, Fergal Devitt, Robbie Brookside, and Mikey Whiplash who she attended workshops for. She’s currently the Pro Wrestling EVE champion and has been for over a year. This year Storm has made her North American debut for promotions such as WSU, SHINE, and SHIMMER along with debuting for Femmes Fatales in Canada. While she may have a short frame standing in at only a small 5’2″ her big personality makes up for the lack of height she has. Last year she traveled to Japan and wrestled for the JWP promotion where she defended the Pro Wrestling EVE title. It’s almost impossible to find a top UK promotion that hasn’t featured Nikki Storm in some capacity. It’s also noted that WWE seems to be highly interested in her.

Miss Louis Jane (@MissLouisJane) is another name that was featured on RAW. The London blonde is known just as much for her beauty as she is for her skill. In 2013 she won Miss Personality Great Britain, Miss Solent City, and placed 9th in the Miss Great Britain competition. She’s a triple threat with beauty, class, and skills. Jane has been wrestling for just about two years being trained by Robbie Brookside at his wrestling school. The 27 year old gained great media attention in the UK last year when she joined the Miss Great Britain pageant, bringing her from unknown to a big name and since that time WWE have had eyes on her. This is the second time that she has appeared on WWE television this year, appearing as a Rosebud last time WWE was in the UK.

The final UK female who appeared on RAW last night was Katy Emma (@katyemmalees) who is another female who trained under Robbie Brookside as his school in England. She’s very new to the business having only started wrestling late last year.

leahvondutchThe Canadian female who appeared as a rosebud last night was Leah Von Dutch (@LeahVonDutch). You may remember her name from the all female tryout WWE held in Orlando, Florida earlier in the Summer. She’s currently on her second European tour wrestling in Germany, London, Scotland, and may other places.  The 27 year old got her start in wrestling after winning an essay contest held by WWE superstar Edge. She won the contest and gained free training from Squared Circle  Training from the likes of Taylor Wild, El Fuego, and Derek Wylde. She’s wrestled in Europe, North America, Japan, and Germany.

WWE always holds tryouts for talents before television tapings when they tour the UK. WWE had eyes on Nikki Storm, Leah Von Dutch, Carmel Jacob, and Nikki Storm for a while so don’t be shocked if you see any of these ladies get signed to a contract sometime soon. Would you like to see any of these ladies signed to WWE?

  • Rhawk

    Out of the names listed here, I’d have to say Nikki would be my favourite to get a chance with WWE. Assuming she doesn’t end up with TNA first (her or Kay Lee Ray anyway), she’s just deserves to be on TV in some shape or form.