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Several females take part in a WWE tryout

We have come across some new information about several girls that have had WWE tryouts this year along with the few we reported last month.

These girls are Dina Taji Al Farouki, Karina Elle Lisenbee, Dani Jackson, Tessa Barrea, Melika Francés, and  Leyvonna Zakari as well.

Dina Taji Al Farouki is a 29 year old palestinian Athlete that currently lives in Dubai. She made a video after her tryout with WWE that you can view by clicking here. It’s said that she worked the same tryout that Barbi Hayden and Sarah Stock did in December. She also mentions in this that Veronica Lane and Devin Taylor helped during the tryout

Karina Elle Lisenbee is a Vietnamese fitness trainer, Elite Model, and Shape Magazine covergirl. She posted a photo on instagram in her gear months ago which was around the time they did the week long tryout. She was involved in the same week long tryout that involved Stock, Hayden, and Dina.

Dani Jackson is an OVW trainee. She was in Florida and has been conversing with the other girls who participated in the tryout as well. Her and Barbi Hayden complimented each other about how each other did during the tryout via instagram.

Tessa Barrea is an ESPN 1440 radio personality and played Lingerie Football for 3 years she won 2 championships with her LA team. She has noted on her facebook page that she’s pursuing getting signed with WWE by competing in a tryout. You can follow her on twitter here

Melika Francés is a fitness athelete. She posted on her instagram account that she was about to meet Bill DeMott for something very important that involved him making a decision which leads us to believe that she had a tryout as well.

Leyvonna Zakari is someone we don’t know much about but she posted a picture on her instagram at a hotel in orlando saying she was ready to kill the last day of her tryout. Before doing so she posted a picture of her buying knee pads and elbow pads and telling people to be hush about her going to Orlando.

Dasha Gonzalez is another name that we can confirm! She is a fitness model and is known for her brand crowningfitness. You can check out her twitter and Instagram. Someone congratulated her for signing but we can’t confirm if she has been signed or not.

While some of these girls have had tryouts in the past the thought going forward is that the ones who impressed will be invited back to the all female tryout that is happening this Summer. One of these girls may very well be the next WWE diva.


thanks to Jaime for the tips.