Sareee Suffers Injury

Joshi wrestler Sareee has suffered a broken left clavicle injury which will keep her on the injury shelf for several months.

Last month Sareee announced she would be leaving the SEAdLINNNG promotion this month, having wrestled her final match for the promotion on the 18th.

She returned to DIANA and on the 20th fought against Kaoru Ito at the Diana show at Shinjuku FACE where she suffered the clavicle injury.

She is expected to be out of action for around 3 months.

Saree, trained by Kyoko Inoue debuted in 2011 for the DIANA promotion in Japan is a former JWP POP and JWP Jr Champion, defeating Manami Katsu for the belt back in April of 2014. She is also a former Diana tag team champion.