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Sarah Stock confirmed as new WWE Trainer


It’s been confirmed that Sarah Stock, longtime star for CMLL in Mexico who also had a run in TNA as Sarita, has signed on to become a regular coach at the WWE Performance Center.

Stock had several Guest Coaching stints earlier this year and made a cameo as a model for Tyler Breeze’s entrance at a NXT Takeover special.

She will be taking over Sara Del Rey’s previous job as the head trainer for the female talent down at the Performance Center.


  • Rhawk

    She’s ‘taking over’ Sara’s old job? But… what’s happening to Sara?

    • She’s a road agent much like Finlay and has been for a long while. The divas have been training with Norman Smiley.

    • sam

      Sara is assistant head coach at the PC as well as an agent for the main roster. Sarah Stock will presumably take her old position of coach for the women, especially teaching all the newer women.

  • Marshy

    She is going to do a marvelous great job of teaching those Divas on how to wrestle especially the ones who are new at this.

  • Kalkofen

    Congratulations, darling.
    This is going to greatly benefit the NXT women, but for someone of Alexa’s size and athleticism, falling under the Dark Angel’s wing is going to shape her entire career as a performer. Sarah, just like Sara, has traveled the world wrestling the best of the best and picking up different bits of styles here and there, and passing on some of her lucha expertise is going to help morph that girl into one of the biggest female stars either division has ever seen. I have faith Sarah can lead the next generation to greatness (Peyton, Billie, Carmella, Dana, Alexa) and with the addition of Asuka in competition, it’s in great hands. If Athena or Nikki Storm arrive as well, oh boy…