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RISE News – RISE 7 and beyond


This weekend has been one of the biggest weekends in the short history of RISE.  With RISE 6 happening on Friday night, RISE 6.5 and AWS: Again No Presents for Christmas Final Battle, which hosted several RISE matches happening on Saturday. We have posted the results of the three events, but there has been a lot of news coming out of the weekend that will impact the future of RISE.

First, RISE 6 Brutality saw the return of Bull Nakano to the world of American Wrestling.  She was one of the RISE seminar instructors and was present on the show.  It was announced in advance of the show that she and Madusa would be in the corners of Kris Wolf and Shotzi Blackheart respectively for their RISE 6 match.  But even before that match, Nakano made her present known in the match with Cheerleader Melissa and Kikyo with the match ending in a DQ in favor of Melissa.  On RISE 6, Bull Nakano formally resurrected the Gokumon-to stable.  For those unfamiliar, Gokumon-to was a stable in All Japan Pro Wrestling, which Nakano was the stable leader.  The current version of the stable consists of Kris Wolf, ‘The Fallen Flower’ Kikyo, and Dynamite Didi, with Nakano as the group’s manager.

During the weekend the old rivalry between Madusa and Nakano was reignited seeing them across the ring from each other.  But this weekend wasn’t enough.  It was announced that RISE 7 – Sensation would see the two managing teams to continue the war.  Nakano will be leading Gokumon-to and Madusa will be managing the team of Cheerleader Melissa, Shotzi Blackheart, and a yet to be named participant. In addition to the 6 woman tag that Madusa and Nakano will be part of, the two should also be present for the VIP Meet & Greet.  Nakano, Kris Wolf, and Mercedes Martinez will be seminar instructors.   RISE 7 will be held on April 13 as a part of SHIMMER weekend in Berwyn, Illinois.  

Aerial Monroe had a great weekend with RISE.  On RISE 6, she battled the SHIMMER Champion, Nicole Savoy.  On the AWS show, Monroe won a battle royal guaranteeing her a spot on the RISE roster.  In a Facebook Live session, RISE owner Kevin Harvey talked about how discussions he had with Monroe helped to push the idea of RISE after he stepped back into the wrestling business.

Possibly the biggest news to come out of the weekend is what RISE will be doing in July 2018.  During RISE 6, Kevin brought out Cheerleader Melissa, President of Stardom USA, and Rossy Ogawa, President of Stardom, to announce that RISE will be traveling to the world famous Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, Japan for a joint show with Stardom.  Five members of the RISE roster were brought to the ring for the announcement that they would be making the trip to Japan, Kylie Rae, Kikyo, former Phoenix of RISE Champions, Dust and Shotzi Blackheart, and current Champion Delilah Doom.  For a company just over a year in the business, this is really huge news.

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