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RISE 2: ASCENT Results

RISE 2: Ascent was held last night, January 27, 2017, in South Gate, California at the American Legion Post 335. The day kicked off with a training seminar with Saraya Knight and Colt Cabana.

Desi De Rata defeated Jewels Malone [5’20]

Sage Sin defeated Allie Kat [6’14]

Rosemary defeated Samara [7’21]

Saraya Knight defeated ??? [0’29]

Saraya Knight defeated “The Derby Doll” Layne Rosario [1’00]

Saraya Knight deafeated Kikyo [3’40]

Ruby Raze defeated Hawlee Layne [6’04]

Mercedes Martinez defeated Shotzi Blackheart [13’27]

Britt Baker defeated Chelsea Green [13’51]

Angel Dust defeated Delilah Doom to retain the Phoenix of RISE title [11’38]

Results courtesy of SoCalUncensored.

Additionally, it was also announced that Angel Dust, Delilah Doom, Kikyo, Britt Baker, Shotzi Blackheart, and Chelsea Green were added as permanent members of the RISE roster. These women will be featured on RISE events across the nation.

RISE3: MEDIC will be held on July 7, 2017 in Chicago, IL. Dr. Tom Prichard will be the guest facilitator at the training seminar prior to the event. Seminar participant registration is open and more information can be found on the RISE website.

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