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RISE 1 Spotlight: Delilah Doom


Thursday, November 10, 2016 sees the debut event of RISE: Developing Tomorrow’s Women Athletes. 40 up and coming women will descend on the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, Illinois to partake in a world class development seminar Participants will learn from former SHIMMER Champion Sweet Saraya Knight and Colt Cabana while vying for the opportunity to compete on RISE 1: Ignite later that evening.

One participant that has secured a spot on the Ignite card is Delilah Doom. I had the opportunity to visit with Delilah Doom about her career and the inaugural RISE event.

Scott: Could you give our readers a little bit of information about yourself? Where are you from?
Delilah: Born and raised in sunny San Dimas, California. However, I currently reside in San Antonio, TX where I train at the Funaki Dojo.

Scott: Where do, or have, you trained?
Delilah: I started training in 2013 in Austin, TX at AAPW with George De La Isla. In 2014, I started up at the Funaki Dojo where I currently still train at.

Scott: How long have you been involved in wrestling?
Delilah: A little over three years.

Scott: Where have you worked (and titles held)?
Delilah: The main promotions I work for or have worked for include Inspire Pro Wrestling, River City Wrestling (where I held the Angel’s Championship and the Tag Team Championships), MPX, IHWE, DWO, New Era Wrestling, Sabotage Wrestling, Quintessential Pro, Main Event Wrestling, TASW, Laredo Wrestling Alliance, NWA Texoma, Elite Championship Wrestling.

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Scott: What made you decide to start training to become a professional wrestler?
Delilah: I’ve been in love with wrestling since I was about ten years old and always knew it was what I wanted to do. Aerobics was my other passion. Growing up, it always seemed like wrestling was out of reach. Whether it be discouragement from others, or figuring out the means to make it happen, I put my dream of becoming a wrestler on the backburner. I decided to attend Aerobics Academy and graduated a few years later. I then up and moved to Texas. The universe seemed to be reminding me of old dreams, and the door to start training finally opened. I was finally able to combine my two passions into one and here we are now.

Scott: What is the women’s scene like in your area?
Delilah: The women’s scene, I would say, is very popular. Most promotions around here feature more than one women’s match, and they’re usually well received and the fans are respectful. There are a lot of new women coming up which is very exciting.

Scott: So far in your career, who has been your favorite opponent and what has been your favorite match? Why?
Delilah: You’re going to make me pick favourites!? I’ve learned from everyone I have stepped into the ring with. However, recently I went one on one with Hudson Envy and I will say she really pushed me to my limits. A part of me that really hasn’t been seen before came out in that match, and I thank her for it. As for favourite matches, I will have to say my San Dimas street fight I had with Angelus Layne takes the cake. She, too, pushed me to the edge. I came out a different person after that match. She made me realize a lot of things about myself.

You can view the San Dimas Street Fight here.

Scott: Let’s talk about RISE. The seminar and show, RISE 1: Ignite, has been created by Kevin Harvey to Develop Tomorrow’s Women Athletes. What do you hope to get out of this experience?
Delilah: To me, it’s important to keep learning, to keep honing my craft. I plan to do this when I participate in Rise. There are going to be so many different ladies with different experiences and styles, plus two great veterans running the seminar with so much knowledge to bestow upon us. I expect to learn to so much from this event. As for the show itself, I am looking forward to breaking out of Texas and wrestling in front of a new crowd. I hope to bring something different they haven’t seen before, while becoming a positive role model for others.

Scott: In the spirit of developing talent for the future, where are some of the places that you would like to start working (i.e. any particular promotions, tours of other countries, etc)?
Delilah: I am hoping Rise will give me a platform to showcase my skills, talents, and my aerobic style of wrestling. I really loved working over in California for Sabotage and Quintessential Pro, and I would love to return to both of those promotions while branching out to others in the area. Shimmer is a promotion I would really love to be apart of, and I hope with my participation in RISE, doors may start opening. Japan and Europe are my big goals, Stardom in particular.

Scott: In the #YG2, You’ve Got Two, competition that wrapped up in September, fans voted you as the #InternetDarling. Can you talk a little bit about the inspiration behind your video?
Delilah: I had two minutes to show the world who Delilah Doom is, and I think I did just that in my #yg2 video. The 80’s, aerobics, bright colours, positivity, and wrestling. That’s me, and it’s totally rad that I get to show the crowd at Rise in person.

You can view Delilah’s You’ve Got 2 video here

Scott: Winning the #YG2 competition, guaranteed you as the first participant on the debut RISE show that evening. That must have been very exciting! What was your reaction to hearing that you secured the first spot on RISE 1: Ignite?
Delilah: I was super stoked! Knowing that people voted for me out of all the other females as their Internet darling was a humbling experience. My fans, or as I call them, my DOOMIES, are totally awesome and I am so grateful to every one of them. I can’t wait to show the Chicago area what I got!

Scott: Is there anything you would like to say to the other girls that will be attending the seminar knowing that one of them will be your opponent on the show that evening?
Delilah: I look forward to meeting all the ladies attending Rise and am excited to be apart of this experience. However, I shouldn’t be underestimated. I might be all smiles, Richard Simmons, and rainbows, but I am coming to Rise to prove why I am the QUEEN of aerobic style and to show why DOOMIE NEVER SAY DIE!

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General Admission tickets are still available for RISE1: Ignite. For more information, visit the RISE website.

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