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Risa Sera to Defend Ice Infinity Championship Against Maya Yukihi

It was officially by Ice Ribbon that their next show at Korakuen Hall on August 27th will be headlined by Risa Sera‘s latest title defense against Maya Yukihi. Sera is currently in her second reign as champion and the title defense against Yukihi will mark her fourth since defeating Tsukasa Fujimoto in the tournament final for the then-vacant belt last December. Unlike Sera, this will be Yukihi’s second time challenging for the Infinity Title aside from losing in the second round of the tournament to Hiragi Kurumi. She was unsuccessful in her challenge for the title at last year’s Yokohama Ribbon and handed Tsukasa Fujimoto her first title defense after regaining the belt back from Sera at Korakuen Hall earlier that month.

Yukihi has never held a championship and instead has unsuccessfully challenged for Ice Ribbon’s tag straps recently, with former titleholders, Misaki Ohata and Ryo Mizunami retaining against her and Risa Sera. Aside from one competitor being a champion and the other vying for it, Risa and Maya are currently tag team partners as “Azure Revolution” in the promotion and while they have been somewhat successful in non-title circumstances, they have yet to win gold together. It wouldn’t be the first time tag partners have battled for the belt in Ice Ribbon though. Hikaru Shida and Tsukasa Fujimoto were multi-time International Ribbon Champions together and were also multiple time singles champions, even fighting each other over the belts.