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Riott Squad Proves Victorious on Smackdown Live


On last night’s episode of Smackdown Live, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and Sarah Logan— officially dubbed the Riott Squad– defeated Charlotte Flair, Naomi, and Natalya in a six-woman tag match. Logan kicked the hell out of Charlotte’s face from the apron, then Riott (two T’s now, for…reasons) delivered a Pelé kick and the pinfall.

This match had a lot of great moments. Nattie starts the match off against Sarah Logan and she gets worked a little bit. Nattie then tags out and bails, walking down the ramp saying “I don’t want anything to do with any of you.” A classic bit.

For me, the standout of this match was Sarah Logan. She didn’t get to do very much in the beginning of the match, but she certainly made her mark, in part by using the steel staircase as a weapon against Naomi. Naomi left on a stretcher, and I’m not totally sure how that didn’t result in a DQ, but it was awesome.

So far, I’m a fan of the Riott Squad. They don’t exactly fit together, but it’s working for me. Sarah Logan is a bayou gator-wrestler, and carries herself like one. And Liv Morgan is pretty fun to watch. Her character is like if a Bad Girl’s Club cast member could wrestle. And as a secret enthusiast of trashy reality TV, I am quite entertained by that.