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Rina Yamashita captures the WAVE Singles Title

Rina Yamashita did something that former champion Hikaru Shida did before her back in 2014 and that wins the year’s Catch the WAVE tournament and go on to win the Regina di WAVE Title. Yamashita successfully capitalized on her championship opportunity and unseated Ryo Mizunami in her sixth title defense on Sunday, winning via the Lariat.

The win marks Yamashita’s first big singles championship win, but not her first title victory. She won the JWP Junior and POP Titles back in April of 2015 after she defeated Rydeen Hagane and ended her reign in her first title defense. She’s also held the REINA World Tag Team Championships, winning them with Makoto that same year in June. WAVE has already announced the date for Yamashita’s first title defense though, she will be facing Yoshiko on August 12th.

Photos via Battle-News

The Dual Shock WAVE Tag Team straps will also be defended at the Ota Ward Gymnasium in Tokyo, as new champions Kaori Yoneyama and Cherry take on Hiroe Nagahama and Kaho Kobayashi. Yoneyama and Cherry defeated Yumi Ohka and Yuki Miyazaki in the fifth title defense on Sunday’s show, with Cherry hitting the Fantasy Illusion on Miyazaki for the win.

Nagisa Nozaki makes her return to the promotion August 12th. Her matchup has already been announced. She and Aoi Kizuki will take on Mika Iida and Yuki Miyazaki.

(1) Natsu Sumire & SAKI d Fairy Nipponbashi & Yako Fujigasaki
-Natsu via pinfall on Nipponbashi
(2) Hikaru Shida & Mika Iida d Moeka Haruhi & Aki Kizuki
-Shida with the Tamashi no Three Count on Haruhi

(3) ASUKA & Keisuke Goto d Hiroe Nagahama & Minoru Tanaka
-ASUKA with the Moonsault on Nagahama
(4) Misaki Ohata d Mio Momono
-Ohata with a German Suplex Hold

(5) Ayako Hamada d Rin Kadokura
-Hamada with a Liger Bomb
(6) DUAL SHOCK WAVE Tag Team Championship: Kaori Yoneyama & Cherry d Yumi Ohka(c) & Yuki Miyazaki(c)
-Cherry with the Fantasy Illusion on Miyazaki
(7) Regina di WAVE Championship: Rina Yamashita d Ryo Mizunami(c)
-Yamashita with the Lariat