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Ric Flair wants to see Charlotte take on Ronda Rousey


According to The Sun The 16-time world champion Ric Flair claims he would love for Charlotte, real name Ashley Fliehr, to be matched with MMA’s most dangerous woman.

Flair even reckons she may be ready to take on Ronda after just months of expert training.

“I hear the comparisons all the time and I’ll be the first to promote them. If Ashley had six months to train with someone that is really qualified to take her to that level. It’s not a conditioning issue or a strength issue, she’s strong as a lion all day longShe’s about 15 or 20lb heavier and she’s strong. She can bench press 185lb. I don’t think Ronda can do that but she has had years of conditioning and training.”

Speaking on WrestleZone Radio, Flair added:

“I can tell you right now Ashley is not afraid of her. She would need training, obviously, to compete with someone like Ronda who has done so well and is such a big star. Ashley respects her so much. They’ve met and she just thinks Ronda is an awesome person. I would love that fight to happen.”

Would you like to see this match happen?

  • Angela

    Yes I would!!! I love Charlotte!!!!