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REVIEW: Xplosion 02/05/14 – “Alpha Female makes an Xplosion”

Welcome to the first ever Xplosion review here on Squared Circle Sirens.

Alpha Female made her TNA debut facing off against fan favorite ODB. What happened? Let’s find out!

The show kicks off with Alpha Female making her way out to the stage making her first ever appearance for TNA. ODB quickly follows, getting a great reception from the UK crowd. The bell rings and the crowd begins to chant for ODB, angering the much taller Alpha Female. The two knockouts gets in each others face and Alpha shoves ODB away. ODB fires back with a hard forearm and the two begin to trade shots back and forth until Alpha whips her into the corner. ODB charges forward and connect with the turnbuckle. ODB comes at her and hits a running splash before sending her into another corner. ODB goes to hit a monkey flip but Alpha slams her down into the mat. Alpha grabs ODB by her hair and sends her halfway across the ring like a rag doll. Alpha works over ODB in the corner with shoulder blocks and a few forearms to the back before sending her to the opposing corner. But ODB turns it around and sends her into the corner instead. Alpha walks out of the corner and right into ODB’s arms. ODB goes to hit her fallaway slam but Alpha seems to powerful and comes down on top of ODB, going for a pin but only gets a two count as the show goes to a commercial.

We return from commercial with Alpha still in control, working over ODB in the corner once again choking her with her foot. Alpha grand ODB and sends her down to the mat with a snap mare and quickly follows up with hard forearms to ODB’s chest as she locks in a one armed chin lock. Alpha finishes her fury of forearms with a hard clothesline before going for a pin. ODB gets her shoulder up at two which doesn’t make Alpha one bit happy. ODB begins to fight back, attacking Alpha with a few strikes backing her into the corner before attacking Alpha with hard chops to the chest. Alpha reverses an irish whip attempt and delivers a hard clothesline to ODB in the corner. She grabs ODB’s arm and locks in a submission hold. The fans get behind ODB, trying to give her the energy to get out of the hold, and she does! She rebounds off the ropes and walks right into a hard lariat from Alpha Female which gets her a two count. Alpha picks ODB up, going for a move but ODB slips off. Alpha goes to attack but connects with the turnbuckle, allowing ODB to attack her with a shoulder block, but the amazon Alpha Female isn’t moving! ODB ducks a clothesline and finally is able to take Alpha off her feet with a shoulder block! ODB hits a few clotheslines and takes her down with a back body drop. ODB feels the energy crossing through her veins and uses that to take Alpha Female off her feet and slam her into the mat with a scoop slam! ODB gets onto the turnbuckle, awaiting Alpha to get back to her feet and once she does she leaps off with a lou thez press that keeps Alpha down for a two count. Alpha gets herself into the corner and ODB goes to attack but eats a boot from Alpha. Alpha grabs ODB by her throat and picks her up in the air but ODB fights Alpha off with strike attacks forcing her to let her go. The two begin to trade strikes and we see Alpha Female push the referee down! The referee calls for the bell as the two continue to fight! The fight spills out of the ring and ODB slams Alpha’s head off the mat. They both get back into the ring and ODB clotheslines Alpha over the top rope. The two stare each other down as Xplosion comes to an end…

This was an pretty good match. So refreshing to see a new face in the Knockouts division. I hope TNA signs Alpha Female to a contract. I didn’t get why they hyped Alpha Female up to be this powerhouse diva only to have her go to a draw with ODB. I would think they would have Alpha go over but since she’s not under contract I can see why they didn’t.

Can’t wait to see more of Alpha Female on TNA in the next few weeks!

  • Kaledrina

    awesome match! was worried about it after seeing “odb wins” reported on spoilers but very pleased it was relatively open ended!