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REVIEW: WWE Main Event – 1/29/14 “Natalya steals the win”


Welcome to the very first WWE Main Event Review on Squared Circle Sirens. Hope you enjoy reading. Let’s begin.

This week saw Natalya Neidhart go one on one with Tamina Snuka. A battle of the generational Divas. Let’s find out what happened between the two!

We head backstage to see Tamina Snuka surrounded by Aksana and Alicia Fox talking backstage and reassuring Tamina that she shouldn’t worry about Natalya. She reassures herself that she is infact Tamina Snuka and she shouldn’t be worried. Just then The Bella Twins with Natalya in tow enter the scene and insult Aksana and Alicia calling them the “losers that they beat last week” I thought they were faces and weren’t supposed to insult people? Brie says she hardly remembers last week’s match since it was such an easy win. Aksana chirps in telling the Bella Twins that their time is coming and to enjoy boasting now while they still can. Alicia says that she may have a weapon of her own and Nikki ask’s Foxy if it’s her weave. Shots fired! All of them begin to argue until Natalya gets in the middle of things, telling the twins they don’t have to lower themselves to a childish level. She tells Tamina that they are going to have a great competitive match and offers her a handshake to which Aksana shoes her hand away. Alicia calls Natalya a senior citizen and Tamina says she’s going to go down Old Yeller style. I don’t know about you but that doesn’t sound PG to me. Natalya points out Tamina is older then she is and calls her a sir before leaving. Tamina takes a minute and then realizes what just happened and freaks out over Natalya calling her a man as we head to a commercial.

010We return from commercial break and see Natalya maker her way out to the ring first, rocking a brand new shirt which is really cute I must say. Tamina then makes her way to the ring with WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee in tow as Natalya mocks AJ’s skipping. AJ heads to the commentary booth as the match gets underway.

The Bell rings and Tamina throws her jacket right in Natalya’s face which allows her to kick Natalya and back her up into the corner. Tamina keeps on Natalya, attacking her with a series of shoulder blocks in the corner until the referee separates the two.Tamina grabs Natalya’s legs and goes to whip her, but Natalya flips over and lands on her feet in an impressive showcase of her agility. Natalya blocks a clothesline and delivers a discus clothesline of her own, knocking Tamina down.Tamina rolls to the outside to take a breather as Natalya waits inside the ring. After a few moments Natalya gets tired of waiting and goes to grab Tamina but Tamina sweeps her legs and drives Natalya’s leg into the ring apron. Tamina gets back into the ring and covers Natalya but Natalya gets her shoulder up at two, much to the dismay of Tamina. Tamina continues to stomp away on Natalya and works over her leg she previously attacked on the ring apron, trying to keep the veteran diva grounded. She goes for another pin but once again Natalya kicks out. Tamina gets frustrated and takes out her frustration on Natalya’s legs. Natalya however manages to get free of Tamina’s grasp only to be taken right back down to the mat by Tamina. Tamina hits a snap mare and continues to once again work over Natalya’s leg, really targeting the area and using the ring ropes to her advantage. Tamina drags Natalya to her feet and delivers a hard samoan drop, driving Natalya into the canvas. Tamina grabs Natalya by her leg but Natalya has other plans and raises to her feet, hobbling o one leg. Natalya goes for an enzugiri but Tamina ducks the attempt as Natalya crashes and burns. Tamina lays and wait, stalking her prey and once Natalya gets up, fires off with a sperkick… but wait! Natalya ducks the attempt and rolls up Tamina to pick up the surprise win!

013Natalya gets out of the ring and gets blindsided by WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee who attacks her from behind, beating her down to the ground. AJ tosses Natalya back into the ring and feeds Tamina her scraps. Tamina finally delivers that super kick, straight to Natalya’s jaw as AJ looks on in approval. AJ and Tamina go to attack Natalya more but just then Naomi and Cameron run down the ramp and slide into the ring, causing AJ to retreat from the ring. Naomi delivers a hard punch straight to Tamina’s face, knocking her down to the mat. Naomi and Cameron deliver a double suplex to Tamina and Naomi connects with the rear view on her, sending her falling to the outside! Naomi turns her attention towards AJ who’s on the entrance ramp and invites her into the ring to finish it, but AJ declines her invitation as Naomi motions for the belt as her and AJ stare each other down.

What a great match! Finally Tamina came off the way she was supposed to be! Sure, she may have lost but she dominated the match just like she should be doing. She took it to Natalya and I’m so glad they had her dominate the entire match right till the end. Loved how Tamina targeted Natalya’s leg all through the match and how Natalya sold it through the match. Little things like Natalya struggling to get to her feet that’s stuff that needs to be seen more. I often see divas forget to sell when people work over a limb so when they do I love it. The continuation of Naomi and AJ was good too. Why can’t we see something like this on RAW? It certainly beats having to watch 10 replays of Batista. My only complaint about this is that The Bella Twins and Natalya came off as the heels in the backstage segments, but that’s it.

SOTM – Tamina Snuka – Although Tamina Snuka lost, she looked like a million bucks in the ring. She finally looked dominate. This match made me almost forget she was easily pinned by Eva Marie. Tamina needs to be booked like this more.

I hope WWE uses Tamina more like this and I hope WWE continues to farther like AJ and Naomi feud like this more. Guess we’ll have to keep tuning in to see what happens!