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REVIEW: WWE Fastlane 2017 – The Roadblock to WrestleMania

Last night WWE presented WWE Fastlane a RAW brand exclusive pay per view. We saw not one but two women’s matches on the card. Nia Jax took on Sasha Banks while RAW Women’s Champion Bayley put her title on the line against the self proclaimed Queen of Pay Per Views, Charlotte. What happened? Let’s find out…

After almost being blinded and rendered deaf from a Mick Foley segment wit’s time for Nia Jax versus Sasha Banks. Praise the lord! After showing a video package highlighting the feud between the two. The dominate Nia Jax makes her way to the ring first and out comes Sasha Banks to make her entrance. The Boss is decked out in a great black jacket with gold details and a cute new attire. Commentary mentions Nia has a pay per view streak that can only be matched by Moolah and of course, Charlotte.

The bell rings and Nia goes for what looks like some chokeslam but Sasha hits her with an elbow, forcing her to drop her grasp on her. The boss unloads with a flurry of forearms before hitting a discus forearm. Nia shoves her back and charges forward for a clothesline but Banks ducks the attempt. Sasha once again unloads with forearms but gets met with a hard headbutt, sending her staggering back to the ropes. With Sasha now in the corner Nia charges forward and The Boss scouts this, moving out of the way and once again reverting to forearm attacks on Nia. Nia tosses her away. Sasha comes back with a sequence of dropkicks, trying to take Nia off her feet but to no avail. She goes to whip Nia but Nia uses her strength and sends Sasha crashing into the corner before following it up with a strike to her back, sending her down to the mat.

Nia taunts Sasha before hitting an over the shoulder backbreaker. The dominating Nia Jax takes Sasha Banks and once again works over her back, a bodypart she has been focusing on all match. She almost breaks The Boss as she bends her backwards over her knee. Sasha gets the crowd behind her (or tries too) and begins hitting Nia with knees to her head, causing Nia to release the hold and push Sasha away. With both superstars up on their feet Sasha charges forward, ducking under Nia’s arm and leaping onto her for some crucifix move but she switches it up and goes for a sunset flip attempt. Nice try, Sasha but Nia isn’t letting that happen. Nia grabs Sasha, tosses her back into the ropes and sends her crashing into the mat. Nia goes for a lackluster pin, thinking Sasha has no chance of getting out but somehow Sasha kicks out at two. Nia once again focuses on Sasha’s back, using the ropes to help her bend Sasha backwards and choke her at the same time.

After releasing her hold Sasha collapses to the mat and Sasha goes after her but Sasha has some fight left in her and lets out a strike that has no effect on Jax. Jax gets Sasha into the corner. Nia drags Sasha by her hair and locks in a surfboard submission hold. Sasha gets out of the submission hold using her legs to kick Nia Jax in the face. However, that does nothing but anger her. Once Sasha gets to her feet she’s sent flying across the ring by Jax. Nia laughs and kicks Sasha before grabbing her arms, stepping on her back and pulling back, once again focusing on her back. Nia drives Sasha face first into the mat with a vicious curbstomp. Nia goes for the cover but only gets a two. Nia once again locks in a surfboard, wrenching back on Sasha’s arms and digging her knee right into The Boss’ spine. Sasha gets the crowd behind her, gets to her feet and looks to break the hold but Nia grabs her and slams her right back into the mat.

Sasha retreats to the corner and Nia goes after her. Nia goes to whip her but Sasha isn’t going anywhere and holds onto the ropes for dear life. Sasha hits a back elbow but misses and Nia sends her face first into the turnbuckle. Nia grabs Sasha and lifts her up onto her shoulders and locks in the torture rack! Nia puts her strength on display as she toys with Sasha, doing squats while still having Banks in the torture rack. Nia goes to send her flying but Sasha reverses the attempt into a guillotine choke! Nia uses her strength and goes for a suplex but Sasha slides out and locks in a sleeper hold while on Jax’s back. Nia quickly puts a stop to that, ramming back into the corner, forcing Sasha to break the hold. That doesn’t last long as Sasha leaps off the turnbuckle and locks in the sleeper hold once again! Nia quickly snapmares her off her back and charges into a back elbow, followed by a kick. Nia tries once more and collides with the turnbuckle. This is Sasha’s chance and she knows it. Sasha delivers (attempted) a tornado DDT and spikes Nia into the mat. Sasha grabs Nia and locks in the Bank Statement. Will Nia tap? She’s in the center of the ring and in trouble!

No she doesn’t! Nia uses her incredible strength and lifts Sasha up. She goes for a Samoan Drop but Sasha slides off her back. Sasha rebounds off the ropes and gets planted into the mat with a modified spinebuster. Nia charges off the ropes herself and connects with a leg drop to the back of Sasha. Nia isn’t done with her though and asks her who she thinks she is. She ragdolls Sasha and goes for the Samoan Drop once again! Sasha slides off Nia’s back and rolls her up into a pin. Sasha bridges and the referee counts… one, two, three! Sasha did it, Sasha defeated Nia Jax!

Like any smart person Sasha hightails it out of the ring, not wanting any of Nia Jax’s anger from being pinned. This marks Nia’s second loss since coming to the Main Roster.

That wasn’t the only women’s match on the card as later on Bayley put her RAW Women’s Championship on the line against Charlotte Flair’s pay per view streak. Who would come out with the win? Let’s look and see…

After having to suffer through Mick Foley once again (this seems to be a trend before the women matches in WWE tonight.) The champion challenger Charlotte Flair is out first with her protege Dana Brooke following closely behind. Charlotte tells her to get off her stage now and Dana Brooke probably has flashbacks from the other day when people at the Arnold Classic yelled that at her after coming in last place in the competition. The RAW women’s champion Bayley then makes her way out for her first defense of the title still wearing those ugly red and white boots.

The mach kicks off and Charlotte runs the ropes before WOO’ing at Bayley and telling her she’s going to take her title back. Bayley tells her that she’s going to WrestleMania with her title. They lock up and Charlotte walks Bayley into the ropes before releasing the lock up. Corey Graves says Charlotte is like Tom Brady and I immediately open google. They lock up again, Charlotte gets behind Bayley and hits a waistlock takedown for a 1 count. They go to lock up again and Charlotte goes for another waist lock but Bayley sees it coming and hits her with a drop toe hold and a near fall of her own. They lock up again and Charlotte locks in a side headlock before Bayley shoots her into the ropes. Charlotte comes off the ring ropes and hits a shoulder tackle, taking Bayley off her feet, and another, and another! After a stalemate Bayley takes Charlotte down with a single leg takedown and a jackknife cover for yet another near fall. Bayley goes for a pin again and gets a one count. Before Charlotte can get up Bayley goes for a La Magistral pin for another near fall. Once back to their feet Charlotte knees Bayley in the stomach, goes to whip her into the corner, but Bayley sends her into the corner instead. Charlotte lands on her feet out on the apron and Bayley goes to attack but gets met with a shoulder to the mid-section. Charlotte grabs Bayley and goes to slam her head first into the turnbuckle but Bayley blocks it and instead sends Charlotte into it! Bayley charges and hits her with a forearm, sending her to the floor.

Bayley flies off the ring apron and connects with a headscissors takedown, sending Charlotte flying. Bayley sends Charlotte back into the ring and Bayley goes up top and hits a cross body for a near fall. Bayley goes for a belly-to-belly but Charlotte grabs the ropes and retreats to the floor. Bayley goes to the outside and chases Charlotte but runs right into a clothesline from The Queen of Pay Per Views. Charlotte rolls Bayley back into the ring and gets a near fall. Charlotte goes on the attack laying in forearms on Bayley before connecting with a big boot to the face of the champion. She tells the crowd she’s going to WrestleMania as champion and I don’t think they like that thought, nor do I. Charlotte locks in a sleeper and ragdolls Bayley before sending her into the corner. Bayley springboards off the second rope and hits an arm-drag on Flair that sends her across the ring. Bayley charges forward but Charlotte sidesteps her. Charlotte goes to attack but Bayley has other plans and goes to kick Charlotte. Charlotte grabs Bayley’s feet and sends her sideways before coming down on her with her knee driving her into the mat. Knee after knee after knee by Charlotte before covering Bayley for a two count. Charlotte locks in a  figure four head scissors and begins driving Bayley’s head into the mat over and over. Charlotte rolls Bayley around the ring still locking in the head scissors. Charlotte kips up and does the Flair strut before coming down with a knee to the back of the head of Bayley and getting a near fall off a pin.

Charlotte chops Bayley not once, not twice, but three times and after the third chop Bayley pops right back up and gives Charlotte a taste of her own medicine with chops of her own until she’s met with a back forearm from Charlotte, stopping her momentum. Bayley charges forward but Charlotte dips underneath and hits a neckbreaker followed by a big boot sending Bayeley crashing back into the turnbuckle. Charlotte follows with another kick to the head and gets a near fall. She goes to the outside and slams Bayley face first off the ring canvas. After a near fall Charlotte locks in a Dragon Sleeper that turns into a backbreaker, and another backbrearker before returning to the submission hold but Bayley fires away with forearms to try to escape. Charlotte transitions with a leg drop out of the submission attempt for a near fall. Charlotte ascends the turnbuckle and leaps off, hitting a moonsault and quickly follows up with a front flip senton for a near fall. They replay the moonsault so you can see Charlotte only hit Bayley with her arms. Charlotte belittles Bayley telling her she’s “just a fan” and lays into Bayley with a chop. Charlotte sends the champion into the corner with an Irish whip and hits her with a chop as she comes out of the corner. She sends Bayley into the corner again but this time Bayley comes out and takes Charlotte off her feet with a clothesline. Bayley continues her attack with a knee and a few chops to Charlotte. Bayley sends Charlotte to the apron and hits a cutter off the second rope. The RAW Women’s Champion follows up with a shoulder in the corner followed by an elbow in the corner and finally a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.

Bayley puts Charlotte in the tree of woe in the corner. Bayley hits Charlotte with a jumping elbow after trying it a few times and messing up and doesn’t even come close to hitting her. Moving on from that Bayley goes up top but Charlotte goes to the apron. Charlotte grabs Bayley’s arm and sends her into the turnbuckle post. Charlotte starts climbing the turnbuckle and once she gets to the top and Bayley stops her. Bayley hits a Frankensteiner off the top rope and goes back up top, flies off and connects with an elbow drop and gets a near fall. Once Bayley gets back to her feet she goes after Charlotte who kicks her feet out from under her and tosses her out to the floor. Bayley slowly gets up and goes to get in the ring but Charlotte lands a big boot straight to her face, knocking her off her feet. Charlotte stalks her prey and connects with the Natural Selection for a near fall. Charlotte can’t believe and and Neither can I. Charlotte goes for the figure four but Bayley reverses it and sends Charlotte out of the ring. Bayley goes to follow up but Charlotte grabs her and tosses her off the ring apron to the hard outside floor! Charlotte goes up top and goes for a moonsault but The Boss Sasha Banks runs out from the back! The two fight and for some reason the referee doesn’t call for a DQ. Charlotte chases Sasha and walks right into a Bayley-to-Belly on the outside. Baykley tosses Charlotte into the ring and follows. Charlotte gets Bayley with an inside cradle pin and grabs the tights. Sasha won’t allow it to end this way and tells the referee about Charlotte cheating. Charlotte yells at Sasha, allowing Bayley to come from behind, roll her back and connect with a Bayley-to-Belly suplex to retain her title!

Bayley and Sasha Banks celebrate as Charlotte cries about her loss on the floor.