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REVIEW: World Of Hurt Wrestling – 08/06/16


Last night we were invited to World of Hurt Wrestling at the Whitehall Athletic Club in Whitehall, NY where World Of Hurt put on their latest event. I (Casey) had the opprotunity to do ringside photography for the event while Jay watched from the audience. Here’s our thoughts on the women’s matches on the card!


Adrian vs. Ashley Vox

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Casey’s Thoughts: Being so close to the action gave me a really good view for this match. This was my second time seeing Ashley Vox live and the first time I ever saw Adrian. Ashley Vox did so well in this match, leading the rookie around. I was impressed with Adrian as well as she’s fairly new to wrestling. A solid match that saw Adrian use her heel manager to get the upper hand quite a few times. Ashley won after a famasser finisher. They had a few miscommunications but they did really well making up for it.

Jay’s Thoughts : I had a different view then Casey, I was in the 3rd row. I thought the girls put on a quality match especially for this being Adrian’s first match at World of Hurt. Adding the heel manager of Mr. Mann to her character is a great way to build her to a new level. It almost reminded me of dare I say Paul Heyman. Ashley Vox rightfully took the victory and lead the match in different directions to tell their story. Both women, in my opinion did a good job with a few botches with the finish but nothing that put the match into jeopardy. A strong “B-” rating if I had to give an F – to A + rating.

Miranda Vionette & Clutch Adams vs. Deonna Purrazzo & Saheem Ali

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Casey’s Thoughts: I was so excited for this match when it was announced a few weeks ago and it exceeded my expectations! Deonna came out and announced that her scheduled partner Damian Adams couldn’t make the event but she had a replacement Saheem Ali. This was my first time seeing Ali in action and he was impressive! Deonna scored a pinfall on Miranda during the last WOH show in Fort Edward, NY and they played up the tension between them. When they got into the ring they went at it! Miranda was especially aggressive, choking Deonna in the ropes and playing her part as the heel. There was a moment in the match where Miranda was going to hit a hurricanrana off the top rope to Ali but he ducked and instead she took out her own tag team partner Clutch Adams. Deonna and Ali took advantage and scored the win when Purrazzo made Vionette tap to her armbar submission hold while Ali pinned Clutch Adams after his finisher. One of my favorite matches of the night!

Jay’s Thoughts: I was excited for this match from the beginning and I am happy to say I was not disappointed. I love how Deonna Purrazzo took control of the match from the beginning with her great mic skills to set up an interesting story. She announced her usual partner would not be with her but Saheem Ali still put on a great show. Good back and forth action with a few “hot tags” that made you want to get up and cheer. Miranda Vionette played a great heel with her tag team partner Clutch Adams. In the end we had Deonna Purrazzo using her finisher the armbar on Miranda Vionette and Ali with the pinfall on Clutch Adams. I would give this match a solid B+ leaning more towards an A- on an F- to A+ .

World of Hurt was a such a great show altogether. We were so grateful to be invited to the show and we’re looking forward to the promotions next event! A special thanks to Shane Alden and Kelly Slingerland for their hospitality.

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