REVIEW: The Riot Livs On

Rapid Recap:

  • SmackDown LIVE Women speak about the Royal Rumble
  • Liv Morgan gets a win for The Riott Squad by pinning Naomi
  • Trish Stratus set to return for RAW25

The Rundown:

The SmackDown LIVE Women’s Division took time to talk about the upcoming Royal Rumble and their probabilities for victory.

Charlotte Flair, Naomi, and Becky Lynch set there eyes on decimating The Riott Squad in tag team action. Charlotte started by gaining control over Liv Morgan and knocking her off her feet. Liv kicked Charlotte but was met with a chop and was flipped onto her neck with a quick german suplex. Ruby Riott got tagged in but was humbled by Charlotte as she kept control. Flair began flipping Riott over by the power of her legs. Charlotte eventually tagged Becky in and the two hit a chopping-uppercutting-shouldertackling combo on Ruby. Lynch tagged Naomi in, who nailed Ruby with a sliding clothesline. Lynch got in once again and leaped off the apron to hit Ruby with a forearm. The Riott Squad leader scrambled to her corner and in hopes of tagging someone in. Sarah Logan got tagged in, but Becky Lynch was able to counter her deeds. However, Lynch got ahead of herself and took out each member of The Riott Squad, allowing Sarah to retaliate with trapping Becky in the corner with knees and stomps. Ruby got back into the ring after Sarah hit Becky with a sliding knee and began choking the inaugural SmackDown LIVE Women’s Champion. Riott tagged Liv in, who allowed Ruby to slam Lynch’s face into her knees. Liv then dove off the middle rope with a facebuster and continued to embarrass Becky. Sarah made her way back in and prevented Lynch from tagging her partners in by plowing her over with a brutal shoulder tackle.

Then, both Naomi and Liv got tagged in simultaneously. Naomi took out each Riott Squad member and silenced Liv with a springboard enziguri. She hit Morgan with the afterglow combo and then roundhouse’d her from the apron, to then hit a crossbody. Liv tried to roll Naomi up, but Naomi managed to hold onto the ropes. However, Ruby stunned ‘The Glow Queen’ with an unpredictable kick. Naomi turned around and got busted with a code breaker from Liv Morgan. Liv Morgan secured the win for The Riott Squad and managed to get the momentum back on their side.

Later on, as SmackDown LIVE recapped the women who will be returning for RAW25, Trish Stratus was revealed to join the elite list of previously announced women!


Smack Talk:

The match was fine. It wasn’t anything must-see, but it wasn’t bad by any means. If anything, I was really impressed with Liv. She was the star of the match for me. I liked her different moves and her selling was looking good throughout the match. I also loved the way she was getting in Becky’s face. I’m excited to see what she does after all of this Riott Squad nonsense.

Trish Stratus? I expected her to come, but I’m excited that it’s confirmed! The fact that all these Divas and Women’s Wrestlers are coming is making my heart happy.

What did you guys think of SmackDown LIVE?

  • Trishlita

    I’m glad Liv is getting allittle praise I think she’s great she has a solid moveset and looks Natural in the ring I’m liking her character more and more. I’m hoping after the rumble we see some singles fueds develop such as Charlotte and Becky. Also hoping to see what the other ladies are capable off such as lana. And yessss to Queen Trish!!!!