REVIEW: The QuickEST Way To Win

Rapid Recap:

  • Bianca Belair defeated Jessix Hill

The Rundown:

Zelina Vega got in the face of Johnny Gargano and called him ‘Johnny Loser’. Candice LeRae came out and pushed Vega off of her feet and sent her and Andrade running up the ramp. Zelina asked what it will take to get rid of them. After a suggestion by Johnny, she proposed a title match against Andrade and Gargano, and if Johnny loses, he must leave NXT. 

Shayna Baszler was being interviewed backstage. She claims it only took her a month to become the most feared woman in the locker room, then listing all of the women she’s beaten and bruised. She then states that Ember got lucky and she won’t put her title on the line against her again because she’s scared.

This incredibly short and one-sided match ended after just two moves from Bianca Belair. At the start of the bell, Jessix Hill offered a handshake to the EST of NXT. After a bit of hesitation, Bianca Belair finally accepted the gesture. Hill tried to pull away, but the grin across Bianca’s face said more than enough. She tugged Hill onto her shoulders and flipped her onto her face—WWE describes as a “Argentine backbreaker into a face-first slam”. Bianca pulled her opponent and placed her onto her shoulders once again, but this time in a powerbomb position. She then pushed the woman off her shoulders to hit her adapted fall-away powerbomb finisher. She twirled her braid as she celebrated her latest victory.

Shortly after, we were brought to a video package which highlighted Kairi Sane and her recent successes within NXT and The Mae Young Classic, as well as her appearance in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble.


Even though the match was roughly 30 seconds, I’m glad this is the direction they’re taking. It means they see the potential in Bianca and are trying to have her beat enhancement talent in seconds to show off her strength and dominance. She literally hit 2 moves and both were crazy powerful and great assets to her moveset. I’m really excited for the direction they’re going with her. Hopefully it leads to a Takeover match (and maybe a title reign) later this year.

What did you think of NXT?