REVIEW: The Queen Reigns Supreme

Rapid Recap:

  • Charlotte Flair defeated Liv Morgan via Figure 8

The Rundown:

The bell rang and Charlotte Flair speared Liv Morgan into the corner and attacked her. She prevented Liv from exiting the ring and threw her into the corner once again. Flair continuously kicked Morgan in the stomach until she rolled out of the ring. However, Charlotte ran to ringside and dragged her back in. Ruby Riott assisted with a distraction and Liv tried to capitalize, but Charlotte threw her onto the ground and began slamming her head into the ring canvas. She threw The Riott Squad member into the corner and tried to run at her, but Liv kicked her away. Morgan tried to get the momentum on her side, but Charlotte nailed her with a clothesline that caused her to roll out.

Once Liv was back in the ring, Charlotte tried to hold Liv from behind, but the spitfire elbowed her in the jaw. Flair got her in the corner once again, but Liv got sent to the ring apron. Ruby leaped onto the other side and caused Charlotte to lose focus. Liv pulled Charlotte by her hair and bounced her off the ropes. She then applied a straight jacket hold on Charlotte, wrenching her own arms around her neck and bending her spine. Charlotte eventually was able to battle back against Liv and hit her with a series of chops and a slam, then drilling her with a boot. She proceeded to go for a moonsault, but Liv pried her off the top rope. Charlotte got to her knees, but Liv jumped off the ropes and stomped on her back, then applying the same straight jacket hold. This time, Flair lifted Liv up on her shoulders, but Liv rolled ‘The Queen’ up. Flair kicked out and knocked Morgan off her feet with a spear. Sarah Logan inserted herself, but got speared off the apron. Ruby tried to sneakily pull Liv out, but the referee caught her and banned The Riott Squad from ringside. Charlotte got Morgan back in and decimated her with a big boot. She then locked in the Figure 8 and earned a victory.

Charlotte ran to the announce table and said “1 down, 2 to go”. I guess we can expect her to take on the remaining members in the upcoming weeks.

Later on, Daniel Bryan announced the ranking of the first ever SmackDown LIVE Top 10 List. The following women were announced: Becky at 8, Naomi at 4, and Charlotte at 2.

Smack Talk:

The first half of their match was a hot ass mess. The selling and quality was not there. So many missed cues and slight mess ups. Plus, the pacing of the match was messy too. It did get better later on, a lot better, but they do not have chemistry and we need to leave it at that. Liv versus Naomi a few weeks ago was perfectly fine, this wasn’t. I guess we liv  and we learn.