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REVIEW: The Numbers Game

We start off by catching a glimpse of the Riott Squad walking backstage before their upcoming match. I was expecting a tag team bout, until we came back from commercial to see the last moments of Charlotte Flair‘s entrance. I wish we would have gotten to see the full thing, but whatever. Oh look, Natalya is on commentary! Maybe that’ll be interesting.

Regardless, it seems that the following match is between Charlotte and Ruby Riott. Charlotte gets the upper hand early on and begins tossing Ruby back and forth like a ragdoll. This only lasted seconds as Charlotte gets distracted by a pesky Liv Morgan. Ruby takes her opportunity and capitalizes with a rollup, but the champion kicks out at one. Charlotte is able to get in control once again and Ruby is forced to retreat to her squad at ringside.

Another commercial? Great. Thank god for the second screen feature SmackDown LIVE offers! While we’re being bombarded by The Chrisley’s and other useless commercials, Charlotte attempts to keep control over Ruby. This doesn’t last long because it’s thanks to Sarah Logan as to why Charlotte gets sidetracked a second time. Ruby uses this to her advantage and hits Charlotte with a wicked STO followed up by a fury of vicious punches. Ruby remains one step ahead and constraints ‘The Queen’ in a series of different submissions. Riott’s luck runs out as she goes for a middle rope senton that Charlotte reverses. Charlotte’s on fire! Not only does she take out Ruby, but also the other members of the Riott Squad, and then Natalya. Bodies are flying in every direction.

Natalya has had it and nails Charlotte with a forceful clothesline, finishing the match once and for all. She backs up and lets the Riott Squad finish her competition off. Charlotte tries to fight back, but its no use, the trio has her number. They dump her outside the ring and place the steel steps right over her body. Uh oh…

Is it really? Naomi? She’s back! Naomi has recovered from her “injuries” and she’s here for redemption! She runs out to a huge pop and slams both Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan into the apron with a double dropkick. But she’s not done! Naomi tosses Ruby into the ring and hits a brutal forearm! And another one! And another one! And another one! Naomi won’t stop! She finally lets Ruby go, only to hit her with her signature Rear View!

The Riott Squad ran to the stage and thought they were finally in the clear. But boy were they wrong. Tamina Snuka, Lana, and Carmella run out and attack them from behind! Ruby, Liv, and Sarah scatter off after escaping the clutches of the other members of the SmackDown LIVE Women’s Division.

Well that covers it. My thoughts? Let’s just say, I felt like I watched something very similar on RAW. I get that there’s only so much you can do with a trio that is supposed to make a statement on the entire division. I did love Naomi’s return though (and the amazing reaction). I wonder what affect all of this will have come Clash of Champions in the lumberjill match. Will Natalya be able to regain the championship? Will the Riott Squad cost someone the match? Will the lumberjills wreck havoc at ringside? Find out this Sunday only on the WWE Network!