REVIEW: The Glow Shines Bright

Rapid Recap:

  • Naomi defeated Liv Morgan
  • The SmackDown LIVE Women’s Division eliminate each other prior to this Sunday

The Rundown:

It seems that Naomi hasn’t taken her loss from last week too lightly as she shoves Liv Morgan out of the corner and slaps her across the face! Naomi went for a cover, but Liv reversed into a backside, which Naomi kicked out…or was supposed to. The two went back to back and Naomi flipped over Morgan. She went for a clothesline, but Liv executed the matrix reversal. Liv went for a swift kick, but Naomi caught her leg and went for one of her own, but Liv ducked! Naomi went for a few more but Liv timed it perfectly, until Naomi kicked Liv’s face. Liv lured Naomi to the corner and slammed her head into the turnbuckle. Naomi got to her knees, but Liv leaped off the rope and stomped onto her back! Morgan then restrained Naomi in a chokehold as Natalya, Lana, Carmella, and Becky Lynch came out. She soared across the ring and laid Naomi out with a clothesline. ‘The Glow Queen’ cowered back into the ropes and got on the outer side. She drilled Liv with a kick and flipped over her into a pin. 1! 2! 3! It’s over!

Naomi went to celebrate her victory, but the remaining members of The Riott Squad, Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott, ambushed Naomi. Becky looked to even the odds as she tossed Sarah out. Natalya snuck in from behind and hit Lynch with a clothesline. Ruby attacked Natalya, but Lana came from the side and decimated her with a kick! However, Natalya tossed ‘The Ravishing One’ out. Liv got involved, but was thrown out after Carmella drilled her face with a superkick. Natalya then took out Carmella, but ran out of the ring as Naomi and Becky Lynch ran back in. Becky quickly threw Naomi, but Naomi landed on the apron and was about to give Lynch the beating of her life.

However, the brawling ended as the SmackDown LIVE Women’s Champion came out. She stated that friendships and alliances don’t matter in the Royal Rumble. Flair wished all the girls good luck, but especially the winner because she will be competing against ‘The Queen’ at WrestleMania.

Smack Talk:

After last weeks results, I was actually really excited when this match was announced. Now, I wasn’t expecting them to get a lot of time, but really? This match was okay but ended so randomly. Liv really lost off a basic move. I was expecting her to kick out and Naomi to transition into the Feel The Glow, but nope. I don’t know what’s happening to SmackDown LIVE, but it’s just not interesting me.

What did you guys think of SmackDown LIVE?