REVIEW: The Girls Are Back In Town

Rapid Recap:

  • Sasha Banks taps Alicia Fox out to get a win for her team and Asuka cleans out the ring
  • Charlotte Flair confronts Alexa Bliss
  • Natalya and Dana Brooke hang with the boys backstage
  • Former Divas and Superstars return and get honored

The Rundown:

Sasha Banks joined the team of Bayley, Mickie James, and Asuka to take on Nia Jax, Alicia Fox, and Absolution members Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Before the match could start, all the women ambushed each other and everyone brawled.

Once separated, Asuka and Sonya Deville started off. Asuka gets the momentum early as drives Sonya with vicious backfists and a hip attack that knocks her off her feet. Asuka popped Deville in the chest was a series of kicks until Sonya was able to escape to ringside.

We come back from commercial and see Mandy Rose has taken Sonya’s spot at the legal participant for their team. However, Asuka is still one step ahead and studies Mandy’s every move. Rose threw Asuka into the ropes, but ‘The Empress’ quickly used this to her advantage and knocked Alicia Fox and Sonya Deville off the apron with a hip attack. She then lifted Mandy up and plummeted her face into her knee, only to finish off with a sliding kick. Sasha gets tagged and the two hit a double suplex on Mandy. Rose squirms to the corner and tags Nia Jax in. The feud between Sasha and Nia gets rehatched as Sasha knocks Jax to one knee and then onto her back with a running knee. Sasha went to capitalize after a failed pin fall, but Nia scooped Banks up and slammed her with an insane spinebuster. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville tag in and out, taking turns on destroying Sasha. Alicia gets tagged and she executes a beautiful northern lights suplex on Banks. Fox traps Sasha in a rest hold and pulls her back down by her hair. Sasha escapes Alicia’s second attempt, but Fox rattled Sasha with a swift boot to her jaw. Alicia taunts Sasha’s partners as ‘The Boss’ is laid out from a failed reversal.

We come back from commercial…again. Alicia bullies Sasha’s teammates and gets her in the corner. Although, Sasha battles back and sets up for a double knee off the middle rope. Sonya had another idea and pushed Banks off the ropes! All the girls began brawling at ringside as Alicia and Sasha look to end the following match. Fox sprints to the corner, in attempt to hit Sasha with her boot, but Banks rolls out of the way and flips her into the Bank Statement! Alicia taps!

The faces began celebrating their victory until Asuka hits Mickie over the ropes, dumping her outside the ring! Bayley and Sasha try to stop her, but are met with a spinning backfist and spinning sole kick! She tosses Bayley over the ropes! Sasha goes for a Bank Statement, but Asuka holds onto the ropes and drills Sasha’s skill with a kick before tossing her out! Is this a preview to the Women’s Royal Rumble?

Alexa Bliss gets interviewed backstage and gets asked if she thinks she will still be the champion come WrestleMania. Alexa says she feels insulted. She claims that she’s not just a champion, but also a goddess. A familiar woo is heard and Charlotte Flair is here! Charlotte tells Alexa that the only reason Alexa is champion is because she’s on SmackDown LIVE and that she highly doubts Alexa will even be champion come WrestleMania. She says Alexa doesn’t have the size, speed, or pedigree and in order to be the woman, you have to beat the woman. Ric Flair joins the two women and says Alexa may be champion now, but Charlotte will be champion every day until she hangs up her boots.

In a backstage segment, Natalya and Dana Brooke are seen playing card games with current and former superstars. Natalya plays her hand of a flush, queen high and hearts! She takes all the winnings and according to Dana’s calculations, Heath Slater just lost a lot of money!

JoJo announced it was time to honor the women of RAW’s past 25 years! The Bella Twins came out first! They were followed by Maryse, who looks amazing pregnant. Kelly Kelly, looking incredible, came out next! Then, former ring announcer Lilian Garcia! Next, Hall of Famer, Jacqueline! Then, the blonde bombshell herself, Torrie Wilson! One of half of LayCool, Michelle McCool was next to come out! Terri Runnels would follow after Michelle. Then, the soon-to-be mother Maria Kanellis came out! Last but not last, Trish Stratus made her way to the stage. The current and eventual Hall of Famers waved to the crowd and stood with poise and pride. Thank you so much girls!

Raw Talk:

RAW25 was a let down. If you watch it through, you know exactly why. The women were subjected to barely any time, and the tag match was filled with commercials. The match was so thrown together and we barely got to see any of the match. And from what we did see, it was was quite disappointing. The only thing that made a statement was Asuka sending a message by tossing her teammates out like it was nothing.

The confrontation between Charlotte and Alexa was alright. Charlotte delivered her words well, but I didn’t like how Alexa didn’t get to rebuttal. And then Ric Flair got involved and he made it kinda awkward. I mean, it was obvious it was mainly for Ric, but I’d rather see an argument instead of a one-sided promo between the locker room leaders.

Natalya and Dana Brooke were cute in their segment. They didn’t really do much, but you know Nattie showing the boys how to play a game or two. But you already know the Queen of Harts never loses.

I was so happy and overwhelmed at the sight of the girls who returned. They all looked absolutely stunning and got the crowd reactions they deserved. It was a letdown how they really got to do nothing. All they did was get called to the stage and stand there. It reminded me of the Hall of Fame line up at WrestleMania. Whatever, I’m just glad we got to see them! Plus, Kelly Kelly’s titantron was gorgeous, I guess they might as well use it and bring her back!

Anyways, what did you think of the 25th Anniversary of RAW?