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REVIEW: Survivor Series 2016 – “RAW reigns supreme”

Last night WWE presented Survivor Series 2016 which saw both RAW and SmackDown battle for brand supremacy. Team SmackDown captained by the fearless Nikki Bella would battle against Team RAW captained by the RAW women’s champion Charlotte. This would be the first time since the brand split that RAW and SmackDown would go head to head inside the ring. So what happened? Let’s find out!

The tag team match kicks off the show, praise! Team RAW is out first with Bayley being the first one out. Bayley is greeted with not only a great reception but a sea of “Hugger Section” signs in the first few rows around the arena. Out next is Alicia Fox who the Canadian crowd doesn’t seem to be a big fan of (whats wrong with you Canada?). She is followed by what RAW calls “the game changer” Nia Jax. I wish Nia wore a regular attire rather with red trim than an all black attire with the RAW shirt over it. Just looked bad to me but I digress. Sasha Banks and finally the RAW team captain and women’s champion Charlotte make their way to the ring.

sdTeam SmackDown now makes their entrance with SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch being the first to make her way down to the ring followed by Naomi and Alexa Bliss (R.I.P red tips). The princess of Staten Island, Carmella is out next and is soon followed by Team Captain Nikki Bella, but wait she isn’t coming out… The cameras take us backstage where we see Nikki holding her neck saying she was attacked from behind by someone. Thankfully though Natalya Neidhart can take some time away from two paws and can replace Nikki in the match!

The bell rings and Alicia and Carmella start things out for their respective teams. They lock up and struggle to get the advantage over one another until Carmella grabs Alicia by her hair and backs her into the ropes. Carmella lets go and taunts Alicia which Alicia responds to by shoving Carmella off her feet! Carmella gets back up and charges for a clothesline only to be met with a dropkick and a beautiful bridging northern lights suplex from the veteran Alicia Fox. After getting out of a two count both women are back to their feet and Carmella lays into Alicia with a few strikes before coming off the ropes and sending her flying with a headscissors takedown that sends Alicia into the corner. Carmella follows it up with a bronco buster, finishing off what looks to be a tribute to Kelly Kelly. The two get back to their feet and Carmella avoids being taken out by an axe kick before tagging in Becky Lynch.Alicia tags in Bayley and know it looks to be a battle of the horsewomen. The two go to circle one another but Charlotte tags herself in much to the dismay of both me and the crowd. That’s not going to happen as Sasha Banks tags herself in. Somewhere in the back Mick Foley is reaching for an oxygen mask…

Charlotte refuses to let Sasha get in the match and begins arguing with her, bringing in Bayley to try and get the two to work together. Becky seizes this opprotunity and lays into Charlotte with a european uppercut sending her staggering back into the ropes. Chaos ensues when all the women enter the ring and attack one another. Nia enters the ring and flings Becky across the ring followed by Naomi, Alexa and so on and so forth. The women go back onto the apron. With Becky and Sasha now the two legal stars in the match Becky tries to get an elimination quick and rolls up Sasha Banks for a two count! Sasha gets up and gets Becky into a backslide pin for a two count. Sasha rebounds off the ropes and as she does Charlotte tags herself in. Charlotte charges and gets taken off her feet with a nice armdrag by Lynch and walks right into another one The Irish Lasskicker works over the RAW captains’ arm. Becky gets Charlotte into a pin but she rolls through and her knee collides with Becky’s abdomen. Charlotte toys with Team SmackDown taunting them with Becky and misses a big chop to the chest (shocking, I know). Becky goes for the dis-arm-her and almost locks it in but Charlotte finds a way out of it and tags in Nia Jax.

Nia Jax comes in and extinguishes the straight fire from Becky Lynch, just dominating her. Carmella tags herself in and well, at least she tried! Alexa tries to take out Nia but is taken out in quick fashion. Naomi gets tagged in now and she goes up high, trying to get Nia to feel her glow but gets caught in midair and gets her lights turned off! Natalya takes it to her but that ends quickly once Nia hits a double clothesline on both her and Carmella. Nia tags in Alicia Fox and her and Carmella go toe to toe. Carmella misses a bronco buster in the corner (why are people doing this move in 2016?) and Alicia slams her head against the bottom turnbuckle a few times. When Carmella gets to her feet she is hit with a devastating Axe Kick, eliminating her from the match! Carmella is eliminated!

Alexa Bliss comes in quick, grabbing Alicia and sending her shoulder first into the ring post. A second later we see her climb naomithe turnbuckle and soar, connecting with the Twisted Bliss on Alicia, eliminating her from the match in quick fashion! Alicia Fox is eliminated. Alexa and Charlotte tangle for a brief moment before Alexa tags in Naomi and she rocks Charlotte with a sitout jawbreaker. Nia gets tagged in but Naomi sends her off the ring apron with a hard strike. Naomi goes high and connects with a flying crossbody to Nia on the outside! Naomi goes to enter the ring but Jax grabs her by her foot. Naomi kicks her away and goes for a move but Jax has her scouted and launches her into the turnbuckle post. Jax shows her strength and just ragdolls Naomi onto the floor, allowing herself to get back into the ring as the referee counts Naomi out of the match! Naomi is eliminated! Alexa Bliss comes in and Nia tags in Sasha. The two do battle and Alexa literally wipes the floor with Sasha Banks before tagging Nattie in. Sasha fights her way out of team SmackDown’s corner and sends Alexa Bliss crashing into Natalya Neidhart. Sasha gains control and counters everything Nattie and Alexa throw her way before setting the two up in a corner for a double knees! Natalya moves out of the way but Alexa Bliss gets all of it!

Sasha flies off the ring apron knees first, colliding with the skull of Neidhart. Back inside the ring Natalya gets Sasha into a small package and immediately goes into a stalling suplex but Sasha gets out of it. Sasha goes for the Bank Statement but Bliss comes up behind her and distracts her, allowing Natalya to roll her up and eliminate her! Sasha Banks is eliminated! A shocker of an elimination! Charlotte enters the ring and the two trade chops before Nattie takes Charlotte off her feet with a discus clothesline. Nattie continues her dominance, hitting a release German Suplex on the RAW women’s champion. Natalya goes to follow up but gets met with a kick to the face. Charlotte climbs the turnbuckle but Nattie grabs her and connects with a sitout powerbomb! It looks to be over for Charlotte but Nia breaks up the pin attempt! We’re in Canada so of course we see Natalya lock in the sharpshooter but alas Charlotte gets out of the submission attempt, thanks to Dana Brooke. You blink and Charlotte nails Nattie with a big boot, eliminating her from the match. Natalya Neidhart is eliminated.

beckyssBecky comes in for SmackDown like a house of fire, taking Charlotte down but her flame is extinguished quick when Alexa Bliss tags herself in and the two rivals argue. Nia gets tagged in and goes for a clothesline but the SmackDown two duck the attempt and go to Suplex Nia Jax, good luck with that girls! Nia instead suplexes them both! Alexa uses her speed and size to evade Jax’s onslaught but gets caught when going for a cross body block. Becky goes up top and hits a missile dropkick taking Nia off her feet! The final SmackDown two hit a double DDT onto Nia and Becky locks in the Dis-Arm-Her. Nia Jax submits! Nia Jax is eliminated! Ok…….. moving on….. Nia is not happy about being eliminated and tosses Becky into the barricade. I hope she envisioned doing that to whoever booked her elimination from this match. Nia tosses Becky back into the ring where Alexa Bliss is waiting to tag in. Alexa enters the match and gets rocked with a big boot from Charlotte to eliminate her from the match. Alexa Bliss is eliminated!

Once my eyes return from rolling them into the back of my head Charlotte is stomping on SmackDown Women’s Division Becky Lynch in the corner. Charlotte goes to lock in the figure eight but gets met with a fist from SmackDown’s sole survivor. Becky takes Charlotte off her feet with a few clothesline and a running dropkick and follows up with a huge Bex-Plex out of the corner. Becky goes high and jumps off the top rope, connecting with a leg drop. Could we see Becky take Charlotte out of the match? Of course not! Bayley breaks up her friends pin attempt on the woman who has insulted her for the past few weeks on RAW. The fans in Canada aren’t happy and neither am I. Charlotte tags Bayley in and Bayley is the legal woman for the first time in this match. The two friends trade strikes back and forth until Becky hits a Bex-Plex onto Bayley. Becky covers but only gets a two. Becky misses a leg drop and Bayley comes off the ropes with a sliding clothesline. After a pin attempt Becky gets to her feet and grabs the arm of Bayey, but Bayley rolls through and hits a suplex! Becky and Bayley tangle again and Becky goes for the Dis-Arm-Her once more but Bayley grabs the ropes. Bayley grabs Becky and connects with the Bayley-to-Belly to pick up the win for Team RAW. Becky Lynch has been eliminated!

As Team RAW gets the win Charlotte attacks Bayley as she begins to celebrate. Charlotte sends Bayley out of the ring and soon after into the barricade! Charlotte however isn’t finished and tosses Bayley into the barricade again. Charlotte lays and waits before connecting with a big boot onto Bayley, sending her crashing into the arena floor. As with almost every pay per view in the last year Charlotte stands tall!