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REVIEW: Sonya Deville puts Ruby Riott to Sleep & An Iconic Match Gets Announced


In the first-ever women’s no holds barred bout on NXT, we witnessed Sonya Deville taking the win after putting Ruby Riott to sleep…literally. Sonya showed no mercy after kicking Ruby’s skull and following it up by trapping her in a triangle choke with Ruby draped over the bottom rope.

This match was simply great and featured a strong showing by Sonya. Sonya continuously looked deadly, especially with each forceful kick and submission applied. Ruby’s selling also helped a lot. One moment that stood out was when Sonya had the ankle lock on Ruby Riott. Ruby’s selling was fantastic and the way she was climbing the ropes and screaming made the move insanely believable. Plus, her counter for it was very creative.

Overall, quite an enjoyable match. I understand that the reason it was a no holds barred match was to eliminate rope breaks, but if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t have minded if there were weapons involved! Regardless, it was a good one.

Later on in the night, Ember Moon was being interviewed about becoming NXT Women’s Champion. However, she didn’t get to say much except that it was her destiny and how it was a dream came true because of the Iconic Duo, Peyton Royce, and Billie Kay, made their presence known. Peyton stated that Ember pinned Nikki Cross at NXT Takeover: WarGames, therefore they deserve an opportunity to beat Ember up. Ember welcomes the challenge and asks who she will be facing next week. The Iconic Duo both answer themselves and have a comedic bicker about who’s facing Ember next week. It seems resolved after Peyton says she has unsolved issues with her and Billie agrees. Billie then jokingly asks Peyton to not beat her up too much because Billie wants to finish her off!

Will Peyton Royce put the NXT Women’s Champion to rest? Will Billie Kay get involved? Will Ember Moon remain on top of the division? Find out next week on NXT!


written by RyansFlair