SHINE Wrestling hosted Shine 42 on May 12th at the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida. The show was also shown on IPPV on FloSlam which you are able to review replays on.

Coming into the show, we had a few feuds being built, and although all of those matches did not happen, Shine still put out a solid card that definitely had some high spots.

First, we were treated to a Sparkle Showcase match between Superhero, Aja Perera and Dementia D’Rose. This match was pretty quick paced and Aja Perera was definitely able to show a unique moveset including a strong headscissors driver and multiple flips. Dementia definitely showed a strong power moveset and played to the crowd mocking Aja’s “Super” personality by yelling “Super” after multiple moves. The finish came after a hip attack in the corner from D’rose to Perera which secured the win for D’Rose.

Then, heading into the main card, we kicked off with a returning Dynamite Didi. We last saw Didi in a losing effort in a four way match at Shine 41 competing against a returning Maria Maria, who we all are still trying to figure out where she came from. We last saw Maria Maria on Shine 35 and then she miraculously disappeared. After a fun opener, with some small spots, Maria Maria ended up getting a victory after a Gory Bomb.

Next we get a returning Kiera Hogan to the delight of all of the staff here at SCS. As we anxiously awaited Kiera’s opponent, we see Priscilla Kelly! Now, we were expecting Priscilla Kelly against Malia Hosaka in a respect match, but that match did not happen for some reason….. hm……. Anyway, this match was definitely exciting, and should have had more time, but after some interference from Candy Cartwright and Aria Blake, Kiera Hogan picked up a huge upset, and proceeded to walk out with new best friends, Aria and Candy.

After that, we get a heel Amanda Carolina Rodriguez up against a returning Lindsay Snow who is repping a new look. Snow definitely came out looking very strong even though ACR picked up a win after a kick to the head. ACR definitely came across better as a heel than she did as a face and the match with Lindsay definitely made her come across as strong as possible.

Next, we get Aria Blake (With Kiera…and Candy) against Aerial Monroe, who has the coolest theme song in Shine since the BTY theme song. This match, to me, was incredibly entertaining between two girls with great personalities in the ring. Aria said that Aerial should be introduced first since she’s “uglier” and Aerial proceeded to tell Aria she needed to meet Jesus after some incredible moves. There was a super cool spot where Aerial had Aria in a curbstomp like position but proceeded to make Aria clap her own hands as she sang “If you’re happy and you know it.” Aerial ends up picking up a win after Dirty Dancing, and not even Kiera and….. others… could get Aria the win.

Then we got our first of two title matches, as Mercedes Martinez and Ivelisse challenged Santana and Gabi Castrovinci. We started right with some strong storyline tensions as Chelsea Green looked to be coming out with Santana and Gabi but was sent to the back by Gabi. This match, happened. Gabi had a rough spot trying to springboard off and hit a tornado DDT. The ending was also slightly off after a double team maneuver from Mercedes and Ivelisse to Santana and Gabi seemed to come into the ring a little too quickly. Nonetheless, Ivelisse and Mercedes are the new Shine Tag Team Champions.

The card continued to get stronger as Chelsea Green came back out as a heel, because something happened in the 10 minutes backstage, apparently, went up against Allysin Kay . This match started off with Allysin getting a mic and commenting how impressed she was that it was wireless. She also talked about the fact that she knew Chelsea from somewhere, maybe it was a wedding? And this set off Chelsea to start the war that these two had. These two brawled all over the arena, including on the bar, and all around the ring. The end came as Chelsea came off the top but was hit with a stunner from Allysin who got the win.

Then we went to Candy Cartwright against Renee Michelle This match was rather quick, and after a second rope moonsault from Renee, Aria and Kiera interfered and attacked Renee, which brought out Aerial and Priscilla Kelly and in impromptu 6 woman tag which saw Priscilla pin Kiera for another quick win after a brawl around the ring. It happened.

Prior to the main event, Trevin Adams, WWN Representative, came to the ring and announced that in July Shine would be introducing the Nova Championship in a two day tournament!

This brought us to our main event, Leva Bates cosplaying as: Leva Bates, challenged Lufisto for the Shine Championship. Let me be the first to say, this match was incredible. Lufisto and Leva really gave it their all and a lot of back and forth with incredible spots where you though both of them could have won this match. Lufisto even hit a tiger bomb and Leva kicked out at one. The end came after a Burning Hammer from Lufisto who ended up retaining her championship. But Leva looked incredible in defeat. One of the best Shine Championship matches we’ve seen in a while, and Leva proved that she was way more than a gimmick.