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SHINE Wrestling presented SHINE 24 last night on iPPV from the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida. Going into the show I must admit I didn’t have high expectations mostly due to a lot of the stars missing the show such as Ivelisse Velez, La Rosa Negra, Amazing Kong, and Nevaeh. Thankfully my low expectations were blown out of the water and this show was honestly really solid!

B8F00NhIgAIT3qnThe show kicked off with singles action as Amanda Rodriguez took on “the Bullet Babe” Amber O’Neal who had her husband and Bullet Club member Doc Gallows in her corner for the match. I have to say that as much as I loved babyface Amber this new attitude of hers is just amazing. I think Amber needed something to freshen up her career a bit and this gimmick is just what she needed. The wild makeup, the attire, the attitude is just perfect for her and I personally think Amber always wrestles better as a heel. This match was pretty much a showcase for Amber O’Neal. Sure, Amanda got in a few moves but for most of the match O’Neal was in firm control. The commentary was really informative for this match, letting fans know that Amber was a mentor to Amanda and pretty much brought her into wrestling. I thought it added a story to the match which is always a plus. Amber scored the pinfall after a planting Rodriguez into the mat with an STO.

Up next looked to be Luscious Latasha vs. Solo Darling but that didn’t happen instead after the two ladies made an entrance So Cal Val with Valifornia which is made up of Jayme Jameson, Marti Belle, and the debuting Andrea (formerly known as Rosie Lottalove). Val takes the mic and says that tonight Valifornia has an insurance policy in Andrea now. She goes on to make fun of Solo asking where her All Star Squad is? Why Daffney and Heidi aren’t at the show tonight. This enrages Solo and she tries to go after Val but the referee holds her back. After all is said and done Val suggests Luscious and Solo take on Marti and Jayme which leads us to that match…

B8F03x9IAAAtLwkThe singles match turned into a tag team match as part of Valifornia the tag team B.T.Y (Better Than You) of Jayme Jameson and Marti Belle take on Luscious Latasha and Solo Darling. Some shenanigans ensue in the beginning of the match as Solo dressed as Tony The Tiger has a box of cereal in her hand and takes Marti off her feet by hitting her with it! Great tag team work from both teams in this match. It started out strong and continued that way through the whole match. It was a bit unfortunate at the end when Marti and Jayme seemed out of synch during the assisted powerbomb finish but nonetheless it was a solid match between the two teams. After the match Andrea made her presence felt! She attacked Solo Darling and Latasha, taking Solo out with a dropkick and Latasha out with a sit out powerbomb from a burning hammer position – a very impressive move! I know a lot of people were a little concerned the Rosie Lottalove issues would follow Andrea but she looked so impressive and dominate after this. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see what she does next in SHINE. I’m hoping a singles match at SHINE 25.

After that we saw Valkyrie invade the ring. Allyson Kay quickly grabbed the microphone and pointed out that she knows the crowd hasn’t forgotten about Valkyrie and that SHINE had no more Kong, no more Angel Williams, so who’s left? She mentions running Jessicka Havok out of the promotion and says that tonight Valkyrie will re-establish dominance!

Taylor Made takes on the debuting Jessica James in the next contest. I’ve only seen Jessica James SHIMMER work but she seems to be just as good if not better from when I last saw her wrestle. The commentators touched on the fact Taylor Made has really grown as a wrestler and I have to agree. When I first saw her on SPARKLE in SHIMMER I thought she was subpar at best but in the years since she’s really come into her own and grown leaps and bounds. I love her tag work as Made in SIN but as of late her singles matches have been something I look forward to just as much. Taylor Made picks up the win with a running cutter.

B8F09kiIMAASGL9In the next match Leva Bates squared off with Leva Bates in one of the best matches of the night. One spot in the match saw Su Yung hit a senton off the ring apron onto Leva Bates who was on a light pole. Su also locked in a beautiful Billy Goat’s Curse submission hold. This was a very back and forth match and really highlighted both ladies strengths. I was on the edge of my seat during this match till the very end and judging by tweets everyone loved this match as well. Su Yung has come so far in just a year. The transformation she has had in SHINE is amazing and although I’m not personally a fan of Leva Bates I thought she really stepped it up during this match. This match alone was worth the $15 for the iPPV.

Somehow that match was topped by the next match which saw Allysin Kay take on Athena. These two never disappoint, ever! These two have faced each other countless of times in AIW and last night they finally got to wrestle each other in SHINE. After watching this match it’s no surprise that these two are considered the cream of the crop of indy girls in America. This match was packed full of action. Not even two minutes into the match and we saw Athena hit not one but two suicide dives through the ropes onto the floor and her take out Valkyrie after an impressive flying cross body to the outside! The finishing sequence of the match was a thing of beauty. Athena went for the O-Face but Allysin blocked it, hitting a german suplex following it up with a hard discus lariat for the three count! I was on the edge of my seat for the entire match and I thought it was the match of the night. It’s a can’t miss match!

B8F1F4JIYAARU0HThe Kimber Leah Bombs finally got to go toe to toe with Legendary with the birthday girl Leilani Kai managing them. The match breaks down as soon as it begins with everyone fighting inside the ring until The Kimber Leah Bombs manage to get al three members of Legendary into a 6 way figure four leg lock! Quickly after that the referee gains control and the match officially starts. Good tag work by both teams in this match. Legendary exploited the experience they had over the younger girls, continuing to keep them isolated in their corner. The end came when Cherry Bomb hit a codebreaker and Leah Von Dutch followed it up with her version of a diving moonsault that she calls the K.L.M. After this match it looks like The Kimber Bombs could get a tag title opportunity at the next SHINE show in March.

Main Event time as Mia Yim put her title on the line against Santana Garrett making defense number two of the title. When this match was announced I was a bit confused as Mia and Santana don’t have much history in SHINE but with Ivelisse “suspended” and Nevaeh out injured they really didn’t have anyone who could really challenge for the title except Santana.
Santana scored the win over Yim at an Evolve show before SHINE as mentioned on commentary so Mia Yim had something to prove to everyone in this match. The match started off slow, both women feeling each other out, trading various submission holds and vying for the advantage over the other. Mia Yim hit two beautiful release german suplexes during the bout and Santana Garrett brought her A game. When it was all said and done Mia Yim got Santana into a package piledriver and spiked her right into the mat, allowing her to retain her title.

B8F1M_dIcAALU5k.jpg-largeAfter the match Amber Gallows made quiet the statement in attacking her former partner Santana Garrett, brawling to the back. After Amber wen’t through her personality change Santana Garrett returned to SHINE at SHINE23 interupting her match with Luscious Latasha saying she wanted to fight Amber. It looks like she won’t have to wait long for that!

After the brawl it looked like Mia Yim had time to breathe and celebrate her win but as soon as she did out came Valkyrie on the attack! The stable beats Mia Yim to the ground and then feeds her to Allysin Kay who puts her in a Canadian backbreaker of sorts before slamming her back down into the canvas. Leva Bates tries to help but is stopped by the fellow Valkyrie members. Jessica James tries to help as well but gets shut down quickly being overpowered by Valkyrie until Athena enters the picture. Athena hits the ring and goes on the attack but is soon put to a stop by her opponent earlier in the night, Allysin Kay. After Valkyrie takes care of everyone in the ring Allysin Kay tells everyone that “Valkyrie is taking over!”. Just as she utters those words Jessicka Havok enters the ring and attacks! Jessicka clears the ring of Valkyrie and helps Mia Yim to her feet as Leva, Athena, and Jessica James join them in celebrating as SHINE 24 comes to an end.

B8F1o3bIAAENY-u.jpg-largeIt’s great to see Jessicka Havok back in SHINE and although the card beforehand didn’t excite me I’m sure glad I bought the iPPV because it really took my expectations and blew them out of the water. SHINE 24 was a great show to watch and it really helped further develop storylines. I think it also proved what incredible talent that they have. Every girl had a great match and they didn’t need huge stars like Awesome Kong, Ivelisse, or Angelina Love to have  good show. Not many of these girls are indy veterans but they sure wrestle like they are. I was very pleased with the show and I can’t wait for SHINE 25!

Be sure to order the replay of the event here. You won’t regret it!

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