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SHINE Wrestling presented SHINE 16 last night live on iPPV from Ybor City, Florida and what a show it was. I’m going to go out on a limb and say this was probably the best show that SHINE has put out to date. The matches were awesome and the ending was a really good swerve that I don’t think anyone saw coming. The upgrade to HD widescreen was also a very nice touch. So let’s get on with our thoughts on the show.

The show kicked off with the entire locker room around the ring for a ten bell salute to honor the legendary Mae Young. As the roster was heading back to the ring Leva Bates and Nevaeh started brawling with each other. I understand they are in a heated rivalry but I personally just thought it was a bit disrespectful.

SoJo vs KimberlyThe first match on SHINE saw Kimberly take on Sojo Bolt in singles competition. Kimberly debuted a very nice new pink attire which is a nice change from the usual purple attire we see her in. I think this match proved she works so much better as a face than as a heel. Since joining Daffney’s All Star Squad she’s really come into her own. I loved her shenanigans with Daffney and how she embraced the crowd when they chanted she was crazy. I was a bit worried that the fans wouldn’t get behind her when she first joined the stable but clearly that wasn’t the case. The match itself was nothing to write home about but it was a good solid match. Sojo and Kimberly worked very well together and at the end of it all it was Kimberly who was able to pin the more experienced Sojo after hitting her with a Samoan Drop. Good match but I felt like the finish fell flat, or at least for me. It came out of nowhere and I just thought it should take more then a simple Samoan Drop to put a veteran like Sojo Bolt on the mat for the count of three but that’s my only complain about this match.

In the next contest La Rosa Negra took on Amber O’Neal who was making her return to singles competition after being forced to disband her All American Girls tag team with Santana Garrett. SHINE is the only place I’ve seen La Rosa Negra wrestle outside of the odd youtube clip once in a while but I feel like she really doesn’t have a direction in SHINE and would probably be better suited playing a villain where she can really show off what she can do. Amber O’Neal was her usual fantastic self in the ring. Amber is used so much in tag teams that sometimes you forget what a great singles competitor she is so it’s always a nice touch when we get to see her wrestle someone one on one. Amber got the win after ducking a clothesline attempt and locking in a bridging backslide pin. One thing that annoyed me after the match was that La Rosa Negra seemed unbothered with losing and just proceeded to twerk and dance. I just dislike when people don’t show much emotion after losing matches. It seemed very “diva-esq”.

Su Yung vs Mercedes MartinezSu Yung took on Mercedes Martinez and as soon as I knew this match was going to happen I honestly just expected a squash and I’m so happy I was wrong. Su Yung has really been impressive as of late and this match was probably her best outing. It’s the best Su Yung match I’ve ever seen. Mercedes Martinez tried to end things quickly performing a plethora of suplexes and hitting a fisherman’s buster right out of the gate to try and put Su Yung away early, but Su Yung was not going to let that happen. During the match the action spilled to the outside and Su Yung delivered a nice rolling senton off of the apron which I thought was a fantastic maneuver. Mercedes went for a Fisherman buster and Su Yung rolled through catching Mercedes in a small package pin and I though she would get the win at one point but Mercedes and Su rolled around the ring trying to pin the other until Mercedes got out of the pin and delivered her signature fisherman’s buster to pick up the win. Fantastic match that really showed what Su Yung can do. I always love when Mercedes wrestles newer, younger talent as she always brings out the best in them.

SHINE announced that the the next show on February 28th at SHINE 17 they would be holding a one night tournament to crown the first ever SHINE Wrestling tag team champions.

Santana Garret and Serena Deeb stepped into the ring and had a fantastic contest together. The duo went hold for hold, feeling each other out in the early goings of the match trying to one up the other with a wrestling move but things broke down when Serena missed a shoulder attack in the corner and collided with the ring post shoulder first! The action spilled out of the ring for a bit and once back inside the ring Serena charged at Santana, going for the spear only to walk right into a big boot to the face. Santana had the match in the bag and went for her finisher the Shining Star Press but connected with nothing but the canvas. As soon as she got back up to her feet she was nailed with a devastating Spear from the debuting Serena Deeb that won her the match. Serena and Santana are very much alike. I think that Santana is a very young Serena Deeb in terms of how her career is going at the moment so this bout was a really nice thing to see.

Kong vs MadeAmazing Kong and Taylor Made played a game of cat and mouse in the next contest with Taylor Made doing everything in her power to avoid getting in the hands of Amazing Kong, but that didn’t quite work out. Once Kong got her hands on Taylor Made she just demolished her but Taylor Made wasn’t down and out just yet. She got herself into the fetal position which allowed her to poke Kong in the eyes and worked over her legs, sending the much larger Amazing Kong to the mat. That didn’t last long though as once Amazing Kong got back to her feet it wasn’t long till Amazing Kong planted Taylor Made into the mat with an implant buster to take the win. I thought Kong was just going to demolish Taylor Made and I’m really glad it didn’t happen that way.

After the match Daffney got into the ring and announced her brand new tag team which consisted of Solo Darling and Heidi Lovelace which were named ‘The Buddy System’. The fans, along with me instantly fell in love with the team. Daffney called out the SNS Express and a match was then made. Heidi Lovelace was the star in this match and I really encourage everyone to not only watch this match but go seek out more of Heidi Lovelace. She’s going to be huge soon. So much talent. Back to the match The SNS Express isolated Heidi in their corner for most of the match, working over her leg which she hurt in a match the night prior. Great selling by Heidi Lovelace during this match, hopping on her leg and such during moves. Selling is really a lost art. The ending came when Daffney used a pair of brass knuckles on Jessie Belle allowing her team to score the victory. What better way to fight a team like SNS Express then with dirty tactics?

Kay vs HavokAllysin Kay and Jessicka Havok’s started with a bang – literally! The bang of Havok’s foot colliding with the referees skull! This referee bump was something out of WWE’s Here Comes The Pain video game as the referee laid in the corner for almost the entire match. These two just had an all out brawl. It wasn’t even a minute into the match and we saw Allysin Kay attack Havok with a steel chair, sending her to the mat. The action spilled outside and only got more violent. The two traded hard strikes and whipped each other into the steel steps, the posts in the venue and more! We even saw a water bottle and a can of beer be used as a weapon. A thumbtacked laced baseball bat found it’s way into the match as well and Kay used it to her advantage. These two literally beat each other down till both had nothing left! Both women hit each other with a steel chair and went down the mat! Neither woman could make it to a standing position by the count of ten leading the referee no other choice but to end the match in a double knockout much to the dismay of fans. This feud is far from over and I’m already excited to see how they top this bout. Maybe we’ll be seeing a cage match or something next time? I can only hope!

Nevaeh took it to Leva Bates in the next contest. Leva came out with no costume or anything as she was serious about this fight with Nevaeh. My stream kept freezing during this match so I don’t know everything that happened and I find both these women a bit boring but from the little of this match that I saw it was good. I much prefer this serious Leva Bates to the old cosplay fun and cheery one we are all used to seeing. I feel like she’s really developed a character and evolved in SHINE over the last year. Nevaeh picked up the win after a snap german suplex.

In the pre main event it was former TNA Knockout Angelina Love going up against Leah Von Dutch. Leah Von Dutch is a star on the rise. So much talent at such a young age. She’s going to be someone you better watch out for. Leah’s mannerisms and jaw jacking are just amazing. I have to admit I was honestly upset that Angelina Love won this match. I understand why but I would have much preferred Von Dutch picking up the big win. The end came when Love slid of Von Dutch’s shoulders and rolled her up for the count of three.

Ivelisse VelezIn the main event match Valkyrie imploded as champion Rain put her title on the line against fellow member Ivelisse Velez. At the start of the match I thought this was going to be a joke of a match with Rain playing around mocking a cover on Ivelisse as she laid down and Rain doing the same to Ivelisse. The match however began to come alive when Rain realized Ivelisse wasn’t just going to lay down for her like she thought and the two began trading strikes. Things quickly kept escalating during the match and Rain soon realized she had a real threat to her title on her hands. Ivelisse delivered a nice spinning toe kick that I thought was the end for Rain but Rain managed to kick out at the last second! This lead to Rain pulling out her big move and planting Ivelisse skull first into the mat with an Implant DDT but Ivelisse managed to kick out of that much to the shock of everyone in attendance. When it was all said and done Ivelisse put Rain away with a Code Red to become the new SHINE wrestling champion!

Post match Ivelisse and Rain embraced in a hug and Rain told Ivelisse as long as the belt was kept inside Valkyrie she was fine, but that Ivelisse wasn’t in Valkyrie anymore! Rain, April Hunter, Allysin Kay, and Taylor Made all beat down the new SHINE Champion Ivelisse Velez which lead to Amber O’Neal, Jessicka Havok, Angelina Love, and Serena Deeb coming out to make the save for Ivelisse, clearing the ring. Just when it looked like Ivelisse was finally safe Serena hit Ivelisse from behind, attacking her which distracted everyone allowing Valkyrie to gain the upper hand and clear the ring, leaving them all inside the ring with Ivelisse. Serena removed her hoodie revealing herself to be wearing a Valkyrie t-shirt as she had aligned herself with the stable much to the shock of everyone! Valkyrie paraded around the laid out Ivelisse Velez and headed to the back. Just as they were about to head through the curtains Ivelisse got to her feet and grabbed the mic, saying she was ready for them. Ivelisse celebrated in the ring as SHINE 16 came to an end.

Siren Of The Show: Ivelisse Velez – At SHINE 16 Ivelisse became the star of the company, the new face, and the new champion. I don’t think anyone had a better night then she did. Sure she got beaten down but she captured the SHINE championship.

Match of the Night: Allysin Kay vs. Jessicka Havok – This was just an intense brutal match that has to be seen to be believed. I was on the edge of my seat all throughout this match and I really just enjoyed it. 

What an event! So many great matches and so many big things that happened! I can’t wait to see what SHINE has in store for the rest of 2014. The entire landscape of the company has changed. I encourage everyone to go purchase this event and watch it for themselves. It’s well worth the small price and you’ll thank me for it. You can order the replay here. So what did YOU think of the event? Sound off in the comments!