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REVIEW: Shayna Bullies And Breaks Dakota Kai

Shayna Baszler sent a message to the NXT Women’s Division by injuring Dakota Kai to the point of her not being able to compete.

Before the match went underway, we were brought to a backstage segment where Shayna saw two talents practicing in the Performance Center. She hopped in the ring and told one that she’ll show her how to properly do a submission. She locked it in, but never let go. Shayna was pried off the NXT Superstar as Dakota check on her.

The match started and the cocky Shayna got complete control over Kai, kicking her over like she’s nothing. Dakota tried to battle back, but she got caught in an arm drag. Instead of letting go, Shayna began wrenching her arm and twisting her wrist every direction. Ouch! She then dug her leg into the shoulder of blade of Kai. Dakota tried to back up into the ropes, but Shayna drilled her with a knee to her jaw. Dakota crawled, using her last bit of energy. However, the former MMA fighter stepped on her fingers, then digging her heel into it. Shayna gently raised her foot, only to slam it into Dakota’s arm and bending it backwards! Oh my god. Dakota was crying in pain and the referee called the match.

Much to Dakota’s horror, Shayna jumped back onto her and choked her out! Dakota’s body fell lifeless, doing the same move that she did to Kairi a few weeks ago. Nobody could stop her until the NXT Women’s Champion, Ember Moon, ran out and came to the aid of Dakota.

All I can say is wow. The match was incredibly quick but so gruesome. I got shivers when Dakota’s arm bent the opposite way from the stomp. I’m assuming Dakota is fine and it just looked more painful than it actually was (I hope). If so, Dakota’s selling was perfection and she really made that move look incredible. I wasn’t much of a fan of Shayna, and I’m still not, but she impressed me in that match. She played a brutal bully so well.

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