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REVIEW: Ruby Starts A Riot(t) And Extinguishes The Glow

It was announced that the woman who put Sarah Logan away last week, Naomi, would go one-on-one against Ruby Riott. With the numbers advantage, Ruby made quick work of Naomi via Pele Kick.

Ruby Riott and her sidekicks made their way to the ring first. Once in the ring, a second viewing screen popped up and Ruby had a few words for the women’s locker room. She went on to state that rumble is just another word for riot(t). She then claimed at the ‘Royal Riott’, she will be the last one standing and Naomi will be the first one out. Pretty harsh words.

After Naomi made her glowgeous (glow+gorgeous) entrance, a recap of Naomi’s injury from the Riott Squad a month ago was shown. Right at the sound of the bell, the two unloaded blows on each other. Ruby knocked Naomi off her feet first, but Naomi was able to retaliate and hit a stunning springboard enziguri on Riott. Liv Morgan hopped on the apron and began screeching like a parrot, which resulted in Naomi knocking her off. Sarah Logan tried to follow suit, but Naomi sent her off the apron as well. While Naomi was facing the opposite direction, Ruby drilled the back of Naomi’s knee and followed up with her Pele Kick to take the win.

The trio began an unfair ambush on Naomi until ‘The Queen’ ran out! Charlotte Flair tried to get retribution but ultimately ended up laid out. The Riott Squad stood tall in the ring until Natalya, Lana, Tamina Snuka, and Carmella came out to a huge pop! The four stood toe to toe with the Riott Sqaud. The three from NXT tried to act bold, but that’s not how the girls on SmackDown LIVE play! The four ran out of the ring and took the trio out until they managed to squirm their way backstage.

The match was disappointing considering the time they got, but I’m glad Natalya is back! I wish they did something different or just more than what we’ve seen these past weeks. It seems very repetitive. But the girls can’t control that, so as far as they did, I guess it was okay.

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