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REVIEW: Ruby Riott Gets Burned By Straight Fire

Becky Lynch proved victorious in her singles return by tapping Ruby Riott out to the Dis-Arm-Her.

Before the match, Becky Lynch said Ruby Riott and her squad played with straight fire, and tonight, she will get burned. She then officially claimed her spot in the 30 Women Royal Rumble Match. Charlotte Flair and Naomi joined ringside to even up the odds against The Riott Squad.

Becky grabs Ruby from the get-go and plunges her into the canvas. She then picked her up and applied a headlock, but Ruby was able to get to the ropes. Becky pulled Ruby off the ropes and ran against the other end, only to almost get tripped up by Sarah Logan. Ruby attempts to sneak up behind Becky, but Lynch elbows her in the jaw and tossed her out the ring to her squad members.

During the second screen experience, Becky went on the apron and leaped onto Ruby with a double axe handle. She tossed her in and Ruby tried to elbow Becky, but she was one step ahead. She retaliated with two arm drags and a shoulder tackle. Ruby eventually got Becky in the corner, but Becky moved out of the way and attempted to hit her notable corner kick. However, Ruby caught her leg and pulled her against the ropes. Riott stomped on Becky in the corner before locking her in an abdominal stretch. Becky broke free, but Riott dug Lynch’s face against the turnbuckle with her knees. She then began hitting Becky’s back while she was in the ropes. The former champion eventually escaped a bodyscissors by Riott and nailed her with her corner kick, but Ruby got the momentum back on her side after taking Lynch off her feet. Although, Becky was able hit Ruby with a series of different offensive moves before Riott gained control again and set up for her Pele Kick. Before Ruby could hit it, Becky reversed into the Dis-Arm-Her! Ruby tapped and Becky captured the win.

After the match, they showed a clip from earlier in the day where Becky Lynch discovered her partner for the Mixed Match Challenge. Becky will officially be teaming with Sami Zayn.

To be brutally honest, it was bad. The transitions were off, moves were sloppy, and the match was just overall boring. They didn’t seem prepared at all. That’s as much as I’m going to say.

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