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REVIEW: RAW 02/03/14 – “Emma drops it low while Naomi flies”

Welcome to the RAW Review.

This week on RAW we saw Emma tangle with Summer and Naomi go toe to toe with Aksana. What happened? Let’s find out!

We come back from a video package honoring Black History Month to see Summer Rae dancing with Fandango inside the ring. The dance party is soon interrupted when Santino Marella makes his return to RAW. Santino tells Fandango he doesn’t want to have a dance off against him, as he is a dancing freak. He then suggests that instead of a dance off between them maybe a dance off between Summer Rae and an audience member would be better. Summer agrees to the proposition and Santino scans the audience for an opponent and picks out NXT’s own Emma who’s been making her presence felt in the audience over the last few weeks. Summer dances first, showing off her high end dancing skills and leaves the floor to Emma who does her trademark dance. Santino polls the audience and without a doubt the winner is Emma! Summer leaves the ring as Emma and Santino celebrate…

We return to the ring to see Naomi making her entrance with Cameron Lynn accompanying her to her match up against Aksana who is already inside the ring. Aksana brought out her partner, Alicia Fox to be in her corner for the match. The bell rings and it looks like the match is about to start but AJ Lee makes her way out of the back with Tamina in tow to help commentate the match.

031Aksana and Naomi lock up and Aksana backs Naomi into the corner and fires away with a series of kicks, sending Naomi down. Aksana takes time to talk to the referee and that shows to be a big mistake, allowing Naomi to grab Aksana and throw her into the corner and fire away with a few strikes of her own. Naomi goes to send Aksana to the other corner but Aksana sends her into the corner instead and follows closely behind. Naomi floats over Aksana and then proceeds to taunt the Lithuanian by twerking. Aksana charges towards her, going for a clothesline but Naomi scouts the attempt and ducks it before grabbing Aksana and planting her into the mat with a sit out full nelson slam. Naomi then rolls Aksana around in a pinning position, trying to throw off her equilibrium before actually pining Aksana but she only gets a two. Both divas get to a standing position and Naomi fires away with a few chops before Aksana sends her into the ropes. Naomi rebounds off the ropes and looks to be going for her wheelbarrow stunner but Aksana plants her face first into the canvas. Aksana then fires away with kicks to Naomi’s legs. Aksana proceeds to choke Naomi using the middle rope as Alicia Fox looks on from the outside cheering her partner on. Aksana delivers a very nice snap suplex, hooks the leg but only gets a two count. Aksana locks in a submission hold as Cameron gets the crowd to get behind Naomi. Naomi fights out of it and Aksana sends her back into the mat. Aksana goes for the pin but Naomi gets out and Aksana locks in a chin lock. Naomi gets out of the hold and Aksana goes for an elbow drop but eats nothing but canvas. Aksana charges towards Naomi who’s know in the corner and gets met wit a pair of boots. Aksana gets back to her feet and naomi slides through her legs and lands a series of dropkicks. Naomi goes to get Aksana into the corner but Aksana sends her into the corner instead and we see Naomi do her booty shake move. Naomi follows the move up with a sunset flip but Aksana comes down on Naomi with a hard knee, that actually injured Naomi. Aksana goes for the pin but only gets a two count. It’s obvious Aksana is frustrated, not being able to put Naomi away goes to attack but Naomi hits her with a hard sidekick to the face. Naomi then finishes Aksana off with a split legged springboard moonsault that gets her the three count victory over Aksana!

034As soon as the match is over Alicia Fox tries to attack Naomi but Cameron isn’t going to let that happen! Cameron attacks Alicia and then sends her into Naomi who hits The Rear View on her. The Funkadactyls celebrate as AJ looks on in disgust.

It was great to see Emma debut and still keep her gimmick but I really think the crowd was lost and they could have done it a bit better. Why not wait till the Network debuted to debut her? It was clear no one got her NXT gimmick and I think if they waited or maybe debuted her in a different city it would have gone over better. Not only that but that segment did nothing to continue her appearing in the audience or anything. She beat Summer in a dance contest, great. Where does she go from here? Why should she still continue to appear in the crowd? I just don’t know how they can continue it from this point. The match however, was really great. People give Aksana a lot of flack for her ring work but besides the knee to Naomi’s face she did really well and I thought it was a great showing for her. Naomi was great as usual and this match made me really excited to see her take on AJ for the title whenever that does actually happen.

Can’t wait to see what next week will bring us!