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REVIEW: RAW 01/27/14 – “Nightfalls on AJ Lee”

Welcome to the very first RAW Review on Squared Circle Sirens. Hope you enjoy reading. Let’s begin.

This week saw The Bella Twins and The Funkadactyls take on AJ Lee, Aksana, Alicia Fox, and Tamina in six divas tag team action. Was AJ Lee able to defeat Naomi or did Naomi get the best of AJ yet again?

We return from a commercial break to See WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee lead her alliance of Tamina, Alicia Fox, and Aksana to the ring where her adversaries The Funkadactyls and The Bella Twins wait. After the two teams discuss strategies for a moment the bell is rung

024Aksana and Cameron start things out for their respective teams as they begin to trash talk each other. Cameron proceeds to tell Aksana “Girl Bye” and whips her hair in her face only for Aksana to grab a hold of her. Aksana tries to take Cameron down but Cameron drops to a split and takes Aksana down instead! Aksana gets back to her feet, now seeing she’s in enemy territory and scurries away right into a kick by Cameron Lynn. The tag is made and Brie Bella gets herself into the match. She wastes no time and heads up high to the second rope as she leaps off with a missile dropkick to Aksana. Aksana tries to fight back after being put down but Brie gets the best of her, bringing her into her teams corner and tagging in her sister, Nikki. Nikki quickly gets into the ring and connects with a running dropkick to the back of Aksana’s head, sending Aksana crashing into her corner. Alicia Fox sees this opportunity to save her tag partner and tags herself in as Nikki lays in wait. Alicia comes in, extending her arm for a clothesline but Nikki blocks the attempt, slings her around, and connects with a one arm stunner sending Alicia down. As soon as Alicia gets back to her feet Nikki takes her back down with a leaping takedown. Nikki has the fire behind her and rebounds off the rope and leaps into Alicia who spins her around and slams her onto her knee with authority after a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Alicia thinks she has this in the bag and goes for a pin attempt but Nikki kicks out just in the nick of time. Alicia brings Nikki to her teams corner tags in AJ Lee, letting her pick up her scraps.

034AJ with baseball hat in towe (is this to promote the object or a knock on the bells?) gets Nikki to the ground and applies a sleeper hold, trying to wear the bella down. Nikki gets back to her feet and gets AJ off of her only for AJ to come back and hit a neck breaker, driving her down into the canvas. AJ tags Aksana back into the match and Aksana delivers a hard sidewalk slam out of the corner to Nikki. Aksana wastes time crawling around the ring before going for a pin only for Nikki to quickly kick out. Aksana follows up with a few shoulder drops, but she misses one and Nikki crawls to her teams corner. Unfortunately for Nikki Aksana grabs her by her foot and pulls her back into her teams corner, tagging in Tamina Snuka in the process. Tamina gets into the ring, frizzy hair and all as she viciously slams Nikki into the mat. Tamina works over Nikki’s neck and irish whips her into the corner. Tamina means business and takes off her lesbian biker jacket before throwing it right into the face of Nikki. Tamina gets her tied into the tree of woe position in the corner. Tamina goes on attack and walks right into a nice pele kick from Nikki Bella. Nikki flies out off the corner with a dropkick, sending Tamina down allowing herself to get separation and tag in Naomi! As Naomi gets tagged in so does AJ Lee and the two clash inside the ring. Naomi slides through AJ’s legs and delivers a nice frenzy of strikes, finishing out off with a front flipping clothesline. Naomi gets the crowd behind her by dancing as she comes down on AJ Lee with a hard leg drop. She looks like she has the match in the bag as she goes for a pin but Tamina breaks it up. The Bella Twins aren’t having any of this and attack Tamina. This brings in Aksana, Alicia, and Cameron. We then see The Bella Twins and Cameron deliver a triple suplex to Tamina, Aksana, and Alicia in a fantastic spot. They clear the ring, leaving the battle zone open for AJ and Naomi as AJ kicks Naomi. AJ thinks she has it all in her hands but Naomi hits a Rear View out of nowhere to take home the win for her team and pin the champion once again!

Elsewhere on the show we saw Summer Rae accompany Fandango to his match against R-Truth as she stunned the world with her beautiful bright neon green dress. We also saw NXT Diva Emma in the crowd, front row during this match as Summer acknowledged her.

This match was a great match for the divas in my opinion and much different from the usual diva tag matches we are all used to. It was really nice to see EVERY diva in the match used and not have the usual finisher sequence at the end.  The triple suplex spot in the match was so great. We never get to see things like that in a divas match and it was really nice to see the divas do a spot like that. It was so unique and different. Hopefully this match sets up AJ Lee defending the title against Naomi at Elimination Chamber. Naomi has pinned the champion twice so this must mean that she’s more than earned a shot at the title. Hoping they do it on a pay per view instead of giving it away on RAW. I can’t wait to see how they follow this up on next weeks RAW!

Siren Of The Match: Nikki Bella – I really felt like Nikki Bella shined in this match. Many people have claimed that Brie has come into her own while Nikki was injured but I’d argue that Nikki has really come into her own since returning. A breathe of life has been given to her inside the ring and she’s done a lot to distant herself from her twin sister. She was in the ring the most even if she was getting beaten up, but she was apart of the two coolest moments in the match – The Pele Kick out of the corner, and the Triple Diva Suplex.

Here’s hoping WWE continues having good divas matches all week!

  • nismos69

    I loved the divas match on Raw! That Suplex was amazing tho! I think it was done perfectly, I’m really surprised that they didn’t botch it or perform it sloppy!
    I love this site!

  • CrazyGirlAJ (#R.I.PMaeYoung)

    The match was great and good!
    I loved the triple suplex.