REVIEW: NYWC “A Matter of Pride” – 09/18/16

Last night we had the pleasure of being in attendance at the NYWC Sportsatorium in Deer Park, NY for the first ever LGBT wrestling event in the United States. A Matter of Pride was a one night tournament featuring LGBT wrestlers battling out to see who was the top star. Here are our thoughts about the show:

  • Tommy Purr defeated Jarrett Foster
  • Eddy McQueen defeated Steven Sterling
  • Sammy Pickles & Maria Manic defeated DJ Hyde
  • Sonny Kiss defeated Jamie Senegal
  • Rick Cataldo defeated Bull James
  • Sonny Kiss and Eddy McQueen had a double countout
  • Rick Cataldo defeated Tommy Purr
  • Keita Jamar vs Prince Akkanatan
  • Eddy McQueen defeated Rick Cataldo & Sonny Kiss to win the tournament


Tommy Purr vs. Jarrett Foster

The show kicked off with Las Vegas’s Tommy Purr fighting Jarrett Foster in a first round match of the tournament with Aubrey St. John as the referee. In my opinion this was a great opening match. I love Jarret’s and Tommy’s style of wrestling. Tommy is , if not one of the best heels I have seen to date. I also loved Jarrett’s “shut up” gimmick. This was a great back and forth match that lead to Tommy winning after faking a neck injury and hitting a DDT on Jarrett for the three count victory.

Eddy McQueen vs. Steven Sterling

The next match saw Eddy McQueen score the victory over Steven Sterling in an opening round match for the tournament. As soon as Eddy came out I was an instant fan as he had a great Britney Spears mix for an entrance theme. I’ve seen Eddy at a few indy shows and it’s always a pleasure to watch him inside the ring. I was unfamiliar with Steven before this event and he for sure made a new fan in me at this show. He’s very crisp in the ring. Eddy won the match with a double knee backbreaker.

Sammy Pickles & Maria Manic vs. DJ Hyde

The match was originally going to be a singles bout between Pickles and Manic but DJ Hyde came out to ruin the day. He said that nobody wanted to see these two wrestle and they should go back to the hotel with him (gross). A handicap match was made where if Pickles & Maria lost they’d have to go to his hotel tonight and if DJ lost he’d have to do anything Maria & Sammy wanted. DJ Hyde took it to Maria and Sammy, but the girls really fought back. Maria traded chops like a champ with Hyde until he backed her into a corner and spit in her face. Once Sammy got tagged in she went on the attack, using her Pickle stuffed animal to attack DJ Hyde and beat him down. She even hit a nice suicide dive to the outside on Hyde. The end came when Sammy Pickles hit the Code Red onto Hyde for the victory. After the match Pickles and Maria forced DJ Hyde to kiss their feet and Sammy’s pickle stuffed animal.

Sonny Kiss vs. Jamie Senegal

Can I get a “this is awesome”? In my opinion, this was the match of the night. The athleticism of Sonny and Jamie was superb. I enjoyed all of the high risk moves and the story these two told in the ring. It was next level action. These two should be booked for more shows if possible. Sonny and Jamie flew around the ring and made some magic. Jamie hit an awesome springboard back elbow and Sonny kept my jaw on the floor the entire match. Sonny piked up the win with a 450 splash off the top rope. It was so hard to not root for both men and I really wish that both could’ve won the match so I could have saw more of them throughout the night.

Rick Cataldo vs. Bull James

This turned out to be more of a gimmick match, yet a goodie. I was very pleased to see former NXT star Bull James take part in this event for the LGBT community. With the great acting skills and flexibility of Rick he was able to “flirt” with Bull James throughout the match. Rick won with the Eat Defeat.

Sonny Kiss vs Eddy McQueen

This was a short match that broke down quickly and ended in a double count out when both competitors were brawling outside of the ring exceeding a ten count. Both competitors advanced to the finals of the tournament. This created good tension for the finals as you can feel from the crowd they were both hungry to win. I enjoyed the booking of this match.

Rick Cataldo vs Tommy Purr

In my opinion Tommy Purr delivered the promo of the night in this match against Rick. Tommy has a natural ability to get heat from the crowd and really poke at his opponents weakness. When Tommy was on the mic , Rick was able to respond and hold his own. This was another great back and forth match.  Rick used the Muta lock to make Tommy Purr tapout for his spot in the finals.

Keita Jamar vs Prince Akkanatan

This was a fun back and forth match. Keita who runs a fun “All That” gimmick got on the mic and announced he was representing the B in LGBT as being “Bi” while Prince Akkanatan announced he was representing the B as being a “Bear”. We saw Keita Jamar pick up the win with a spit of his orange soda into Prince Akkanatan’s face to score the win. I would like to see a rematch of these two in the future.

Eddy McQueen vs Rick Cataldo vs Sonny Kiss

In the main event Eddy mcQueen, Sonny Kiss, and Rick Cataldo clashed to be crowned the winner of the Matter of Pride tournament and what a match it was. These men gave it everything they had in this match and Rick really turned it out. He delivered an amazing windows peak to Sonny Kiss and wore an all white lace outfit that reminded me of Trish Stratus. They did a tower of doom spot which was sick! Eddy scored the victory with his finisher on Sonny Kiss while Rick Cataldo was stuck upside down in the tree of woe.

After scoring the victory, Eddy was presented with flowers as the whole roster came out and surrounded the ring. Eddy got on the mic and thanked everyone and thanked Rick for creating this tournament and thanked Bull James. Bull took the mic and thanked Rick for being one of the first openly gay wrestlers and doing his whole gimmick before it was acceptable.

Squared Circle Sirens was able to do a raffle during the event and raised over $120 for the victims of the Pulse Orlando Victims. We would like to give a special shout out to Rick Cataldo for having us and a special shout out to everyone who participated in this event. We are hoping for a “Matter of Pride II” and to be part of another historical event.

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