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REVIEW: NXT 3-27-14 “Whose America’s Next Top Generational Diva?”


It’s that time of the week again for your weekly NXT redux & my debut writing feature for Squared Circle Sirens! Hopefully you all love my offerings as it is technically my very first time. Oh my poor hymen! Lol

Let’s start things off with our very first developmental diva sighting and that is NXT’s resident backstage interviewer Devin Taylor. Just a side note, am the only one who feels she her face changes in appearance more times than I can keep count!? While we’re left to ponder that predicament cue the ever useless Bo Dallas. Not much to talk about here because NO ONE CARES! But if you choose to waste time on a segment that holds little to no interest to me by all means proceed to that pointless segment.

S__E771Oh & don’t forget the shining personality that is Brandi Rhodes, she’s a delight isn’t she!

Finally to the real treat of this week’s NXT and that is the one on one match between WWE’s resident generational divas. In one corner we have the self-righteous queen of harts Natalya. Going up against a young lady that’s been nick named the dirtiest diva in the game Charlotte. Out first is the nature boy’s daughter with her adopted orphan Sasha Banks. Aint no Daddy Warbucks to save this girl! Followed by Natalya and her walking zombie prop now known as Bret Hart. I guess now we know where she gets her charisma from…

What follows is an exchange of takedowns & holds. Both women going grapple for grapple until the intensity is picked up thanks in part to Natalya. She takes the opportunity to offer Charlotte a warm welcome in the form of a vicious slap. Take note of the arrogant cover on Natalya’s behalf that followed, could she be taking Charlotte a bit lightly? The answer is no because Nattie is relentless with counters & his going full force on one third of the BFFs. Natalya hit’s a nasty spinning clothesline after a fancy pants acrobatic reversal from Char Char.  The match shifts when Natalya is struck in the leg opening the opportunity for Charlotte to begin work on her leg. Some impressive ground work by Char Char. You can see some influence by her father’s signature shameless in ring tactics. Natalya attempts to fight out of Charlotte’s dominance but to no avail is beat back down. Eventually Natalya is able to counter Charlotte into her sharpshooter looking to end the match. But just a good friend would do Ms. Un-Bankable herself raids the ring ambushing Nattie. Causing the immediate disqualification to baby Char Char. The Boss Ms. Banks looks pleased as does New England patriot Rob Grownkoski who applauded her in the crowd. Only a man hungry bitch would notice such a thing because the thirst is real for him. Lol

Not to fear because before Sasha can exit the ring Nataly is quick to let Ms. Banks know the T! By serving her a baby beat down with a healthy slice of submission prowess courtesy of her family’s famed submission. The NXT crowd loves this & zombie Bret looks pleased with his niece or soulless depending on how you interpret his facial expressions.

Overall I found the match to be incredibly competitive as both women seem to work seamlessly with each other. We caught a glimpse of Charlotte sparing with the girls on Total divas so it doesn’t surprise me that her work with Natalya seemed fairly fluid. Although Bret was a ringside I felt that his presence was anything but felt. I got more of an impression from Renee Young who was featured on commentary than I did him. It’s unfortunate because he’s a literally a living legend yet unlike Ric Flair whose had similar situations alongside his own daughter Bret didn’t add anything to the match. I’m quite eager to see if these two face off in the future what kind of matches they’ll have.