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REVIEW: NXT 1/29/14 – “Bayley slays the Boss”


Welcome to the very firstNXT Review on Squared Circle Sirens. Sorry for the small delay. Hope you enjoy reading. Let’s begin.

This week saw Bayley with her new friend Natalya in her corner take on “The Boss of NXT” Sasha Banks and her BFF crew. Was Bayley able to pick up a win or did Sasha Banks rise to the occasion? Let’s find out!

We return from a backstage segment to see Bayley make her way to the ring with her newest friend, WWE Diva Natalya Neidhart, though I don’t know why anyone would want to be Natalya’s friend after seeing how she acts on Total Divas but Bayley is a bit… special. Bayley gets a nice ovation from the crowd until her music is drowned out by Sasha Banks. The Boss of NXT makes her way to the ring with her BFFs Charlotte (looking… more enchanted) and Summer by her side. I don’t know about you but I wish Summer was my BFF. The bell rings and the match is underway.

006Before Sasha can even breathe Bayley charges forward, trying to grab Charlotte by her newly colored locks, clearly still bitter over the demise of their friendship over the past several weeks. Bayley tries to go at her once again and this gives Sasha Banks the opportunity to attack Bayley from behind with a few chops and slaps. Sasha keeps a hold of Bayley and drags her across the ring by her hair! Pulling on that pony girl! Bayley crawls into the corner and Sasha steps on her back before delivering a series of stomps to her. Got to give credit to Sasha, that was pretty cool. Banks covers Bayley but only gets a two count. The crowd begins to chant Bayley’s name as Sasha toys with her and slams her face first into the canvas. Sasha locks in a straight jacket submission hold on Bayley as she smack talks Bayley as the crowd gets behind her once again cheering and chanting to her. Bayley finally sends Sasha off of her and retreats to the corner. Sasha charges forward and connects face first with Bayley’s elbow and that can’t feel good. Bayley blocks a clothesline and takes Banks off her feet with a  double does of a polish hammer. Sasha scurries into the corner only for Bayley to leap onto her, connecting with a big superhero like punch straight to the jaw of Banks. Bayley feels the adrenaline running through her veins, rebounds off the ropes and connects with a spinning shoulder block. Bayley tightens her ponytail, and you know she means business as she climbs up on the turnbuckle, but wait… Charlotte manages to get onto the ring canvas and Natalya goes for the save and sends Charlotte crashing onto the floor. Summer Rae isn’t having any of this and attacks Natalya ringside, beating her down to the ground. Bayley gets off the turnbuckle and goes to check on her fallen friend allowing Sasha to come up behind her and roll her up but she only gets a two! Sasha gets back to her feet and walks right into a Hug-Plex from Bayley that scores Bayley the win!

Although the match was short, it was packed full of great action. Sasha really excels as a heel and for the first time I really enjoyed Bayley in a match. It didn’t need to be a long drawn out match and it served it’s purpose. I love how Bayley was mad about her friend turning on her previous weeks. When was the last time we saw a diva mad at someone for double crossing them? We usually see them mad at each other one week and team up and act like best friends all over again. It’s simple things like that that I really like.Sasha looks great in red too. I hope we get to see more of her in the ring soon.

SOTM – Bayley – I mean come on, Bayley shined brighter than a star in this match! She’s been on fire as of late and although short, this match was great. Bayley’s really becoming a star in NXT and I’m so glad about that. We finally have a solid face (besides Paige who’s been MIA for months) in NXT.

I can’t wait to see what NXT has in store for us next week!

  • Brandon Roberts

    bayley is cute