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REVIEW: Nova Pro Wrestling – #TheGreatGrapsy

On May 19th, Nova Pro Wrestling hosted #TheGreatGrapsy in Fairfax, Virginia. Nova Pro is an independent wrestling promotion based out of Northern Virginia [hence, NOVA] that features both Men and Women wrestlers. At The Great Grapsy, two women’s matches were featured and five women put on quite the show.

First, we had the official debut of Angelus Layne . Now Angelus has appeared on a previous Nova Pro show, Great Expectations, where Angelus had “held up” the show with an open challenge. Angelus was frustrated because she was promoted on a previous show, but not used. Angelus was upset that her face was previously used to sell tickets, but she was not there. Angelus defeated Penelope Ford at Great Expectations, but at The Great Grapsy, Angelus was set to take on Jordynne Grace who was very much over with the crowd, and rightfully so!

These two women went for 9 minutes, and the match was great. These two worked really well together and put on a very hard hitting match that was on the go the entire time. These two battled briefly on the outside, including a real nice spot where Angelus had Jordynne in an electric chair position and dropped her face first on the apron. Angelus took control after that point until Jordynne gained some steam up to a huge muscle buster which put Samoa Joe to shame. Jordynne looked for a pin, and the crowd was in shock when Angelus kicked out at two. The match came to an end after Angelus’s tilt-a-whirl facebuster finisher that put Jordynne away for the 1, 2, 3.

This match was a great one. And with it being 2nd on the card (3rd if you count the bonus match) this definitely kept the show going in a very positive direction, and the crowd was very much into it. Jordynne is clearly a fan favorite for Nova Pro, and she is just so dang athletic. She’s not just a powerhouse, she’s speedy, she’s agile, she just has the whole package. Angelus, is a great heel. And this angle that Nova Pro is running of Angelus “taking over” is allowing her to shine and the promos she did for this show were great. Beyond that, Angelus has the skill to put on good matches, and this was an incredible start to a strong storyline that Nova Pro has going.

A little bit later we saw a triple threat match between the debuting Sis , Veda Scott and Faye Jackson . This match was incredibly entertaining for a match that didn’t have an overarching storyline coming into this match like Angelus and Jordynne did. The match started out showcasing Veda’s incredible character where Faye tried to shake Veda’s hand before the match and Veda yelled “oh no, I don’t do that anymore” and I lost it. Hilarious. Veda’s antics were showcased throughout this match including a spot with a triple test of strength where Veda rushed in and acted like she was winning but was then taken out by Faye and Sis. While Veda was on the outside, Faye and Sis went back and forth and both were able to showcase a lot. Sis was a great heel and bantered with the fans a lot which helped increase an already popular Faye Jackson with more chants from the crowd. There also was a sick t-bone suplex from Sis to Faye which looked incredibly painful. Faye also was able to come back against Sis and Veda nailing a triple spun milkshake to both of them and ended it with a cannonball to both of her opponents. The end came with Faye nailing her Drop it Like it’s Hot [Michinoku Driver] to Sis and Veda coming in to sneak the pin and the win.

This match told a story. Even though it was a last minute change with Brittany Blake unable to be there, these women told a great story that allowed each of them to shine. Veda has mastered this character in a way that nobody else can. It’s comedic-esk spots, but it doesn’t take away from a good match and, in all honesty, just makes Veda and her opponents shine even more. Sis was new to me, but was impressive. She wasn’t afraid to yell at the fans and get them to hate her which helped put over the top babyface in the match, which was Faye Jackson. Faye continues to impress every time she was in the ring. First of all, Faye took bump, after bump, after bump, after bump and she is just getting better and better. There’s a reason she’s getting booked everywhere and there’s a reason her name is getting bigger and bigger, and this match showcased why.

Overall, Nova Pro put on an incredible show, and they are a great independent promotion in an area that does not have a lot of independent wrestling. They have allowed women to not only have great matches, but have great stories. This is especially impressive from a company that isn’t just women’s wrestling, and I truly appreciated it. This was my first Nova Pro show, but it definitely won’t be my last.

As for the women, all of them were great. Yes, I have been a fan of some of them before, but all of them made me an even stronger fan after this show. During intermission I was able to talk to everyone except Sis (Which I hope I will be able to talk to you sometime!) and they were all so nice and everyone was super great to interact with during intermission. It is so nice to see super talented women, but even better when they are super wonderful human beings. I’m very proud to be a fan of all of these women that were on the show, even if I’m terrible at taking selfies! I’ll work on it, I promise!

You can find out more about Nova Pro on Twitter @VAWrestling and you can find my pictures and live tweets on my twitter @Dennis_SCS

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