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REVIEW: NOVA Pro Wrestling : NOVA Project 3


Well, Hello again! It’s been a while since we here at Squared Circle Sirens have gotten to review a NOVA Pro Wrestling event (darn you work and your harsh August schedule making me miss Angelus Layne vs Keith Lee and so much more) but we are back in the game, and what a show to come back to.

Nova Pro Wrestling hosted its 2 Year Anniversary Supercard – NOVA Project 3 on Friday, September 22nd at the Jewish Community Center in Fairfax, Virginia. Which, if you haven’t been, I will continue to argue, is one of the best independent wrestling show locations that exists. Coming into this show, we already were told that Mia Yim would be making her return to Nova Pro Wrestling to take on top heel in the entire company, Angelus Layne , who was coming off of her huge main event against Keith Lee at Cool For The Summer. Normally, this match alone could sell as the “one women’s spot” on most companies, and be fine. However, NOVA continues to deliver with not just one more women’s match on the card, but two.

Yes. Three Women’s Matches. One Card. And they all had time. God. Bless.

Also advertised for the show was Jordynne Grace who has been literally everywhere, and doing incredible things, going against Allie Kat who has continued to impress in matches going back to her debut for NOVA back in July. This match was set to be for a spot in the Making Towns Classic, a 16-woman tournament, in May. The winner of this match would join Delilah Doom as the second woman to join the tournament.

Also advertised on the poster was crowd (and site) favorite, Faye Jackson who has been on quite the roll since making her debut for NOVA back in April and continues to deliver for the NOVA Pro Crowd. Faye took on the returning Sahara Se7en who took on Faye Jackson back in July at NOVA. Could Sahara beat Faye in retribution or would Faye Jackson continue her roll in NOVA?

One of the huge things I really appreciate about NOVA, is they always start on time. This company has gotten to the point where they know what they’re doing, and they know how to deliver on time, which is definitely appreciated. And since I upgraded to the front row this time, I was the second person in the ring area, which I felt special. Naturally, I chose to sit next to the Gated Community. For those of you who don’t know about NOVA pro, one of the top stables in NOVA is called the 1%, which is represented by a group in the audience called the Gated Community who has a special sectioned off (with stanchions and a red carpet) seating area, and they are always lively and a fun part of the show. When and If women become part of the Gated Community, I’ll instantly be sold.

Nonetheless, We kicked off the main show with Sahara Se7en versus Faye Jackson. Sahara is still new to NOVA Pro, so the crowd is still feeling her out, but this girl has personality. Billed from Cairo, Egypt, Sahara definitely runs the Egyptian Royalty gimmick and plays a strong heel. And when Milkshake hit the sound system, the crowd instantly popped. When Faye Jackson came through the curtain, the crowd was ready to go. Faye definitely got the crowd going and Sahara played a strong part in being a good heel to help the crowd get even more into Faye. Prior to the bell even ringing Sahara was already mouthing off with the crowd, and Faye, when it came to the Ref having to check Faye and her backside.

The match started pretty quick with some chain wrestling, including a fun spot where Sahara went for waist lock, Faye teased as if she was going to use her infamous backside to get rid of Sahara, but Sahara grabbed a head lock to the crowd’s disapproval. Sahara has some incredible kicks that look hard hitting and Faye continues to increase her moveset with an sweet looking crossbody and an intense spear that even made the crowd pop. The end came with Faye hitting the Drop it Like it’s Hot (Michinoku Driver) to be able to defeat Sahara in the opener.

This match stood out to me in comparison to their first encounter. Don’t get me wrong, the first encounter was good, but was only about 4 or 5 minutes long. This match went about 8 or 9 minutes and we got to see more of what Sahara can bring to the table, and Faye Jackson continues to grow as one of the top babyfaces in NOVA Pro. Especially for an opener, this match did its job and got the crowd hyped up through the rest of the card. Although, I am still waiting for Faye vs Veda Scott one on one. So long as Veda doesn’t keep cheating. But who am I to judge. I’ll definitely still be on the lookout for the super fun feud to continue between Faye and Veda. But make sure to not sleep on Sahara Se7en. This girl has some potential, and I really hope she continues to get the opportunity to shine in NOVA. She really can deliver a strong character and continue to put on fun matches that continue to look good, and I definitely want to see more.

After intermission, we get to see Jordynne Grace versus Allie Kat for a spot in the Making Towns Classic Tournament. Allie Kat is such a fun character, and she clearly takes this cat thing to the extreme, brushing up to Bryan, the ring announcer, and playing around in the ring. She definitely plays it strong and it comes off really well. Jordynne is absolutely incredible. If you haven’t seen a Jordynne Grace match, even online, literally what in the hell are you doing? Jordynne has been absolutely everywhere, and for good reason, and this match was no different.

This match had some really strong back and forth, and both of these women showed they can really go. This match was very hard hitting and really came across like a true show. There were some strong highlights in this match, including Jordynne going for a bearhug early and Allie Kat finding her way out of it and speeding up the pace of the match quickly. Allie also hit an incredible looking Piledriver that only got a two count for the match. What was especially interesting about this match was how much the fans loved both of these women, and there were definitely dueling chants of Let’s go Allie, Let’s go Jordynne, which only increased the showing of this match. The end came with a running powerbomb from Jordynne to Allie Kat to be able to get the three count and securing her spot as the second woman in the Making Towns Classic tournament.

Jordynne Grace continues to impress, and in all honesty she is such an incredible talent live. She has continued to show that she is an incredible athlete, and dare I say it, the last pure athlete in the ring. Jordynne continues to push the bar for herself; just when you think she has had the best match ever, she goes and puts on an even better one. Jordynne Grace is someone you need to keep your eye on, because she continues to deliver and continues to be impressive time and time again. Allie Kat is also someone that continues to be someone who shows up and puts on a great show. I think for me, this match showed what she can really do. Allie Kat really cemented herself as a threat in the NOVA pro locker room, even though she didn’t win. My eyes continue to be on the lookout for Allie Kat and I’m sure she will continue to be at NOVA, especially after showing how good she really is.

This then lead us to our Semi- Main Event. Angelus Layne has continued to show just how much of a dominate force she is, and is genuinely someone who has solidified her spot as not just the top heel in the women’s division, but I am genuinely saying in the entire company. She has truly risen to the top both in character work and then backs it up with her talent in the ring. Angelus Layne is so underrated, because when she is given a ball, she runs with it, then beats the hell out of it, just because she can. Out next was Mia Yim, who got the pop of the night. Mia Yim is seriously so incredible both in and out of the ring, and I was (not-so) low key star struck, but Mia won’t let you feel that way, including when she hugged me during her entrance, and I instantly fan-girled, I won’t even try to pretend that I didn’t. Mia Yim really solidified this role as a top baby face, and she doesn’t even have to be at every show to get Hogan like pop, and this was the perfect match to Semi-Main.

This match started before the bell as Angelus attacked Mia before she could even turn around, and this match was a war. Angelus went straight to work attacking Mia with strikes and chokes in the corner, including a tree of woe spot where Angelus stands where a person just shouldn’t stand on anyone, male or female, but it got one of the loudest boos of the night. This one had such a war feel to it, that at one point, both women were on their knees trading blows all the way back to their feet, and Angelus hitting a huge Death Valley Driver into the corner. The end of this match came when it seemed like Angelus was in total control and Brittany Blake’s music hit the sound system. Angelus yelled for Mike to come out, but nobody did, Angelus turned around right into Eat Defeat from Mia Yim and Mia got the three count much to the dismay of Angelus Layne.

This. Match. Was. So. Good. Both of these women delivered and showed just how good they both are. There was a reason this match was as late in the card as it was, and for good reason. Mia Yim is absolutely incredible. I’ve seen Mia on my TV plenty of times, but seeing her live had me in awe. She is just that good. Mia Yim is absolutely one of my all-time favorites, and NOVA Pro showed why. Where do I even begin about Angelus Layne? Seriously, she is that good. Angelus has been in the ring over the past 10 years, and yet she continues to evolve as a character and be something that everyone needs to watch. I genuinely don’t understand how she isn’t booked everywhere. If you need a monster heel, who can go on the mic, who can go in the ring, and genuinely be an all-around star, then you need to reach out to Angelus Layne.

NOVA Pro continues to show why it’s a top tier independent company. For the second show in a row, they have completely sold out, and the crowd continues to be so into the show, which continues to make it something to watch. Can we also talk about how there were three women’s matches on the show? I mean this is just becoming par for the course for NOVA. They give women matches, and storylines, and time. As a women’s wrestling fan, they can take my 25 dollars every month if they keep doing this, and these women continue to deliver.

I also got the opportunity to talk to each of these women over the course of the show, and they are some of the greatest people. I mentioned earlier that Mia Yim had me star struck, but the minute I said hello, I was greeted with a hug and a full conversation that made me feel important, and she’s the star. Although Angelus Layne is a monster heel in the ring, she is one of the nicest people you can talk to at a merch table and genuinely shows that she cares about the fans and the business. Faye Jackson is the nicest person you can ever talk to and always makes the fans feel like they matter. Jordynne Grace is so humble and so sweet. Allie Kat was absolutely fantastic and was so genuinely kind, and Sahara Se7en is so down to earth and is such a hard worker that you have to root for her. NOVA books women who aren’t only good in the ring, but are awesome outside of it, which makes the support all the easier.

Overall, this show was a blast and Nova Pro continues to show that they will give women time and let them have a story and let them truly go. If you are even moderately close to the Northern Virginia Area they are so worth the 20/25 dollar tickets and you are guaranteed to see a great show. #NovaProject3 is no different, and was even one of the best shows top to bottom to date. I hope they continue to be the trend to show the talent that the women bring and show what they can really do.

And if for some reason you can’t come to NOVA Pro, that’s cool, go to and watch them. They will be streaming their December Show Live on Thursday, December 28th so make sure you go subscribe.