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REVIEW: NOVA Pro #AmericanSlang17: Faye Fires a Cannon Ball, Brittany and Sahara Fall in Flames, and Angelus Brings the Fire, Literally.

On July 14th, NOVA Pro Wrestling was in Fairfax, Virginia for #AmericanSlang17 where two women’s matches were featured on the card. NOVA Pro is an independent wrestling promotion based out of Northern Virginia. American Slang delivered on some excellent matches and one of the greatest segments I’ve seen in an independent promotion in quite some time.

We started out on the card with Faye Jackson and the debuting Sahara Se7en. This match wasn’t the longest match on the card, but nonetheless had some fun spots between two women with strong characters. This was my first time seeing Sahara, and I was impressed. She definitely is a strong character who isn’t afraid to scream in a temper tantrum when she gets a two count. Sahara also impressed me in her kicks, which looked really great from my angle. Sahara took the Triple Spun Milkshake from Faye Jackson, and sold it better than most I’ve seen. It looked incredible. Faye came out representing with a Squared Circle Siren’s T-shirt (Which we are so appreciative of!) and the NOVA crowd loves her! She is definitely over with the fans and continues to get better every time I see her. The match came to an end with a cannonball in the corner from Faye that looked incredible. A fun match between the two, and I hope we get to see Sahara at NOVA pro again.

Veda Scott was not in attendance as she was at the Shine Nova Championship Tournament but did tweet that she was taking a break from beating Faye Jackson, which tells me that their ongoing feud is still going to be happening, and this match helped put Faye over to show she is ready for Veda.

Later in the show was Angelus Layne, who was continuing her reign of terror on the Nova Pro women’s division, taking on Brittany Blake. Now Brittany has had quite the impressive record in Nova Pro being only defeated once previously. This was a fun match up that had some really impressive spots. The two battled to the outside and Brittany brought quite the fight to Angelus early. However, Angelus would take back over. Angelus’s power showed her and Brittany sold like no other. I don’t know how Brittany did it, but there was a spot where Angelus had kicked Brittany as she was leaning out in-between the ropes, and the way Brittany sold didn’t seem humanly possible, it looked as if she had almost lost her head. The end came with Angelus nailing her Tilt-a-Whirl Facebuster and getting the pinfall.

I genuinely believe Angelus Layne and Brittany Blake are two of the most underrated women in wrestling today. Angelus continues to show that she can go in the ring and she can play the monster heel in an impeccable way. She gets heat (pun. intended. I’ll explain shortly) like no other. The Nova Crowd hates her, and in this match she showed what she can do. Brittany was the perfect opponent for her, Brittany is an incredible seller and really tried to give Angelus everything she could. Brittany showed that she also could go in the ring and I believe if they would have had another 10 minutes, they both could have put on an incredible show.

However, the moment of the night came after the match where Angelus demanded a mic. Angelus told the crowd that she was still upset and that The Boy (the promoter/co-owner of NOVA Pro) was a bad business man. She told the fans that The Boy just had a kid, and she hopes he is a better father than business man. The boos filled the air instantly. This brought out The Boy who told Angelus that he was not going to do this here and began to walk to the back, but Angelus followed and before we knew it she turned The Boy around and gave him a fireball to the face! The crowd, myself included, were in shock! The babyfaces all came to the ring and chased Angelus literally out of the building and cared to The Boy taking him to the back.

This. Segment. Was. Everything. First and foremost, you didn’t see it coming. It seemed that Angelus was going to follow him to the back to speak her piece and then boom. Fireball. It was all perfectly timed and the crowd was in shock and the hate for Angelus only grew. If I wasn’t hooked on Angelus Layne before, I am more than hooked now, and I can’t wait to see what happens in August.

Overall, this show was great. The other matches on the card were also fun and the NOVA crowd is awesome. NOVA Pro continues to deliver and continues to be my independent show that everyone should be on the lookout for. They continue to deliver, continue to have awesome matches, and most importantly they have great storylines. It is one thing for an independent show to put together great people who can put on a great match, it is another thing when a company can put great people together to put on great matches and have storylines that carry over between shows. If you are near the NOVA area, or even if you aren’t, you should be on the lookout for NOVA Pro and watch them live.

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