REVIEW: Nikki Cross Puts Lacey Evans Away

Rapid Recap:

  • Nikki Cross defeated Lacey Evans via spinning neckbreaker

The Rundown:

Right after the bell went off, Nikki Cross leaped across the ring and took Lacey out with a crossbody and began beating her with fists. Lacey Evans got Nikki off of her and nailed her with a roundhouse kick that sent Nikki rolling out of the ring. Evans went to the apron, but Cross swiped her feet and proceeded to trap her in the apron. With Lacey having nowhere to go, Cross began attacking Evans once again with a stampede of fists. The referee was forced to pry the lunatic off of Lacey. Nikki then tossed Lacey in and went to the corner, where she would sit atop the turnbuckles and began tugging on Lacey’s golden locks. Although, Evans grabbed Nikki’s foot and pulled her off the turnbuckle, sending her crashing onto the ring canvas. She went for two pins, but Nikki kicked out with a sadistic grin across her face. A determined Lacey leaped on top of the SAnitY member and unloaded with a series fists of her own. While Nikki was stunned against the bottom turnbuckle, Lacey ran over and executed her handstand bronco buster. ‘The Lady’ then went to the top rope and cockily flipped her hair before soaring through the sky with a moonsault! However, Cross was able to roll out of the way. She waited for Lacey to get up and would hit her with running forearms and tackled her to the ground, only to ambush her even more. She finished Evans off by hitting her with a swinging fisherman neckbreaker just seconds later.

Later on, NXT highlighted the NXT TakeOver match against Shayna Baszler and Ember Moon, as well as Ember Moon’s appearance in the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble.


The match was a bust. What was the point of Lacey cutting a great heel promo just to lose the first opportunity she got against Nikki? Weird booking that I cannot understand. Regardless, Lacey looked fantastic and I really like her mannerisms as a heel. Her gimmick makes more sense as a face, but I’m enjoying her heel, so I’ll take it.

What did you think of NXT?

  • Charlie

    Better luck next time , Lacey. Hope to see more of you soon!