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REVIEW: Naomi And Charlotte Make The Riott Squad Feel The Glow

Before Charlotte Flair came out to address the historic announcement from RAW, we were redirected to a video package. This beautiful package recapped the Women’s Royal Rumble announcement and ran through the amazing history and the women who have turned the Women Division into what it is today. I had goosebumps reliving the moment and seeing their reactions once again. It truly made my heart warm.

Anyways, enough of the sappy stuff! Charlotte began by reflecting on retaining the championship at Clash Of Champions against Natalya. She claims she’s honored to hold the championship and says there’s nothing the women in WWE can’t do. She then says that the fans helped them by speaking out and chanting for what they believed in. Flair went on congratulate the fans and all the women who will be in it and declares that she’ll be ready to defend her championship against whoever at WrestleMania.

The lights go down and Naomi dances her way out. Naomi bows and congratulates Charlotte on her title victory from Sunday. She then officially announces that she will be the first woman from the SmackDown LIVE roster in the Women’s Royal Rumble. The two have a friendly stare down until a familiar trio made their entrances.

Before The Riott Squad got to speak, Naomi went off, calling them ‘The Three Stooges’ who won’t be in. Mentioning that the Royal Rumble is about everyone for themselves, not sneak attacks. Naomi went on to suggest a tag team match between her and Charlotte against any two of The Riott Squad. ‘The Glow Queen’ gave The Riott Squad a taste of her glow by putting Sarah Logan away with a Rear View.

Logan and Flair started for their respective teams. Charlotte had the edge early on, but slipped up after missing a boot and getting her leg stuck on the top rope. Sarah saw her opportunity and hit the back of Charlotte’s knee, flipping her onto her back. Sarah nailed Charlotte with a few punches before tagging Ruby Riott in. Ruby locked the injured leg of Charlotte and proceeded to tag Sarah in. The two kept tagging in and out, each executing their own maneuvers on the back of Charlotte’s leg. Sarah tried to hold onto Charlotte, but Naomi was able to get tagged in. Naomi unloaded on Sarah and hit her with a fury of forearms. She then rocked Sarah’s skull with a kick and hit Ruby off the apron. Logan tried to roll her up, but she kicked out with ease. Naomi then bent over, arched her leg into Sarah’s head and then decapitated her with a glorious springboard enziguri. Ruby broke the pin but collided with Charlotte’s boot seconds later. Sarah tried to one up Naomi, but accidentally speared Liv Morgan off the apron! She turned around and got a taste of Naomi’s Rear View!

Not a bad match. It was quite short, but it was cute. My favorite part was Naomi before the match, though. Her as a face is really fun and she’s able to be herself. She always looks like she’s having the time of her life, and I love it! I just wish we got closure on Natalya’s promo from Sunday, but I guess we’ll have to wait for that.

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