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REVIEW: Main Eventing And Making History

Before I get into what transpired, I just want to congratulate the women on main eventing RAW and getting the huge news about the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble! It’s about time! And now, let me give you the rundown of last night’s RAW!

Halfway through the night, Nia Jax approached an intrigued Enzo Amore backstage. Smirk and all, she suggested that her and Enzo continue their talk from last week. Unfortunately, a (very) sweaty Drew Gulak interrupted the two and ranted about…who even knows. Nia got fed up and told Enzo they can talk another time.

Moments later, we geared up for women’s action! Asuka came out first and was ready to keep her streak intact. Although, her opponent, Alicia Fox, had other ideas. Before the match began, Fox had a short promo and talked about how she’s going to take what she learned from last week’s match and end the streak once and for all. In the end, Alicia Fox failed to keep her promise and became a victim of Asuka once again.

Early on, Alicia kept close to the ropes to prevent Asuka from getting ahold of her. Asuka taunted a little bit and tried locking Alicia in some type of armbar, but Alicia escaped. Alicia retreated but once she got back into the ring, she nailed Asuka with a brutal boot and a beautiful northern lights suplex. Asuka was able to battle back and hit her middle rope drop kick, which she followed up with a kick that almost knocked Alicia out. Adding insult to injury, Asuka bent Alicia’s arm back and forced her to tap.

And then, I began waiting. Where was the 6 Woman Tag? For a split second, I thought they may be getting scrapped. And if not, they would be getting a 2 minute match. That is until Sasha Banks came out and crashed Elias’ concert. After ‘The Boss’ made her presence known, Mickie James quickly followed suit and joined her teammate in the ring. Elias tried to continue his song one more time, but Bayley put an end to that. She attempted to hug him but got the cold shoulder.

Back from what felt like 5 minutes of commercials, Absolution finally made their entrances. Paige and Mickie started off and Mickie managed to keep Paige in line. Sasha got tagged in and the two hit a double suplex. Sasha tried to pin but Paige kicked out and rocked Sasha with a super kick. Sasha then got trapped in the corner while each member of Absolution tagged in, each getting a turn to beat Banks down. Paige kept the referee distracted and took out Bayley and Mickie while Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville took cheap shots at Sasha. All the girls began fighting until Sasha snuck away and executed a top rope attack onto Paige. Rose and Deville broke the pin and continuously stomped on Sasha until the referee was forced to end the match. However, this didn’t stop the girls from continuing the beatdown.

The girls instantly stopped their ambush as Nia Jax hurried to the ring to teach the trio a lesson. Absolution attempted to put Nia down, but that was a fatal error for two of the members. The Samoan lifted both Mandy and Sonya with ease and dropped them both with a double Samoan drop! Insane!

Paige sneakily drilled the back of Nia’s knee and all three girls continued their statement. Much like last week, the rest of the RAW Women’s Division ran out and everyone began brawling once again. Though, unlike last week, a special someone’s music made everyone’s jaws drop!

It’s Stephanie McMahon! What is she doing here? It must be something good. Stephanie began discussing the start of the Women’s Revolution and praised all the women who turned the Divas Division into the Women’s Division. She listed all the amazing history that the girls have done; the first ever Women’s Hell In A Cell, Money In The Bank Match, and even the first ever Women’s Championship Match in the Middle East. Stephanie asked if they are ready to make more history. A piece of me was utterly shocked, and so proud. Before Stephanie was able to confirm and announce that there will be a Women’s Royal Rumble, all the girls in the ring were so excited and you could just tell how much it really meant to them. These women have been struggling for years and years to get their rightful recognition. Now, they get their own Royal Rumble. How amazing.

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  • Marshy

    Well it is about time that there is an all women Royal Rumble match that we have all have been waiting for.

  • Ken L

    Tremendous moment for all these hard working women !!

  • Cody Collier

    Incredible moment. So happy for all of the women. Can’t wait for the Royal Rumble! It’s about time!