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REVIEW: Kicking Their Lasses

Before The Welcoming Committee went into battle against The Riott Squad, it was made known that Natalya, Carmella, Lana, and Tamina Snuka have officially claimed a spot in the Women’s Royal Rumble Match. The four talked to Dasha backstage and Natalya stated that they chased the trio off like a bunch of scared rats last week and that before The Riott Squad, there was a Welcoming Committee. Carmella takes her turn and says they let The Riott Squad have their fun in 2017, but it’s 2018 and their games are over. Lana claims The Riott Squad was so eager to make such a big splash and Tamina says it was foolish. Natalya informs that they will show The Riott Squad that even though imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, there is no substitute for the real thing.

Liv Morgan and Natalya start off. They both attempt to gain control, but each escape with similar variations of reversals. Natalya eventually goes for a clothesline, but Liv Morgan channels Trish Stratus with a clean matrix. However, she turns around to taste a discuss clothesline by Nattie. The veteran tries to put Morgan away early with a sharpshooter, but she’s able to free herself and retreat to her teammates at ringside. Once back in the ring, Liv gets Nattie in her corner and tags Ruby Riott in. Ruby isn’t able to take advantage of the situation as Natalya carries her into her team’s corner and tags Carmella in.

Carmella spends her time showboating and then hitting a headscissor takedown on Ruby. She takes her eyes off the ball and goes for Sarah Logan, which ends up allowing Ruby to nail her with an STO and tagging Sarah in. Sarah whips Carmella back and forth in a chokehold. Once Carmella escapes, she tries to crawl to her corner, but Sarah knocks Natalya off the apron. Ms Money In The Bank rolls Sarah up, but flies forward and tags Tamina in. Snuka gets hot tagged and takes out all members of The Riott Squad, then planting Sarah with a samoan drop. The crowd is alive for Tamina! The generation superstar tries her luck and goes up to the top rope to hit a familiar move. However, a pesky Liv Morgan pushes her off the top and Sarah finishes Tamina off with a cartwheel knee that slammed into the back of Tamina’s neck! The squad picks up another win.

Ruby gets on the mic and begins ripping the crowd apart by calling them phony and miserable. She says they need a dose of reality and the Riott Squad’s destruction and success is real. She then announces that Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan will join her in entering the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

Charlotte Flair struts out like a majestic force and says she is a dreamer and like everyone there, she believes in the power of magic in her dreams. Charlotte says if Ruby wants a dose of reality, she’ll introduce them to someone who wants to teach all of them a lesson. Naomi comes out to her hometown crowd and stands alongside Charlotte. Charlotte then welcomes someone who wants The Riott Squad to pay for their actions. It’s Becky Lynch! She’s back! The veterans take out each member of the newbies. Charlotte knocks Sarah clean off her feet with a boot, Naomi hits Liv Morgan with a Rear View, and Becky hits a BexPlex on Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan! Welcome back, Becky!

The best part of this whole match was Tamina getting the hot tag. The crowd was so excited for her, it gave me hope! She needs to start being used in ways that make her seem powerful and not lose whenever she’s in a match. It kills all her hype. Anyways, nice to see Becky back as well, but I wonder what all of this is actually leading to in the weeks building up to Royal Rumble. It seems really underwhelming. But I guess I’ll let them prove me wrong.

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