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REVIEW: IMPACT Wrestling 1/30/14 – “Velvet takes a stand”


TNA was in the UK this week and we saw Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky reunite to take on Gail Kim and Lei’D Tapa. We got to see a segment between Velvet Sky and Chris Sabin. Let’s find out what happened!

We come back from a backstage segment and we see Gail Kim and Lei’d Tapa standing inside the ring. We then see the new TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne make her way out to the stage alongside her tag team partner, Velvet Sky. Isn’t Madison the champion? Why are they coming out to Velvet Sky’s music? They show a video of Madison and Velvet teaming up during The Beautiful People days, and even manage to crop Angelina Love out of the video and people wonder why so many former Knockouts dislike the company. Angelina Love was the main and most important part of The Beautiful People and the company can’t even respect that.

While both Madison and Velvet are about to enter the ring Gail Kim attacks Madison while she’s on the apron and drags her into the ring, landing a hard punch that sends Madison stumbling into the corner. Gail stays on Madison, following up with hard kicks into the corner before choking the knockouts champion with her foot until the referee intervenes. Gail Kim argues with referee Earl Hebner which allows Lei’d Tapa to choke Madison Rayne behind his back and causes Velvet Sky to try and help her partner which furthers the attack on Madison Rayne. Gail Kim hammers away with strikes and delivers a hard clothesline off the ropes, sending Madison right off her feet. Gail covers her and goes for the pin, but only gets a two count! Gail gets Madison to her feet and gets her into the corner. Gail stalks her victim and charges forward, going for an attack but Madison evades Gail and Gail lands on the ring apron. Madison clotheslines Gail and quickly tags in her partner, Velvet Sky! Velvet quickly gets into the ring and knocks Gail Kim down with a flurry of clotheslines before sending her down with a running neckbreaker. Velvet runs off the ropes and grabs Gail, sending her head first into the mat with a bulldog! She goes for the cover but only gets to two before Gail gets her shoulder up. Velvet Sky signals for the end and goes to hit her finisher, which brings in Lei’d Tapa who breaks up the attempt. Madison gets back into the ring and spears Gail Kim down and turns her attention to Tapa who’s now on the ring apron. Madison runs towards her and hits a dropkick onto her leg, sending the Amazon down, crashing face first into the canvas. This then allows Velvet to successfully hit her finisher on Gail Kim and pick up the win for her team.

Madison and Velvet embrace in a hug but the celebration is cut short when Chris Sabin makes his way out to the ring and verbally abuses Madison, telling her to get out of the ring (way to make your champion look awful). Sabin goes on and on about how Velvet should be supporting him because she’s still his girlfriend and girlfriends don’t cost their boyfriends title matches. He throws some insults at her and says he’s willing to give her one more chance for an apology. Velvet takes the microphone and informs Sabin that she has one thing to say to him… WE’RE THROUGH! Velvet finally stands up for herself and breaks it off with Sabin.

Even though the match was short I really enjoyed it. It was refreshing to see Velvet back inside the ring too but I wonder why Shanna, Alpha Female, and Santana weren’t used. The division desperately needs new faces. I mean, I was excited about Velvet Sky in the match. That should tell you how much the division is lacking.

SOTM – Velvet Sky – Velvet was clearly the Siren of The Match and the night. This match was all about her and the segment afterwards.

Hoping TNA brings in some new knockouts at the next set of tapings.