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REVIEW: IMPACT 03/27/14 – “A Beautiful Reunion”


Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the TNA IMPACT review. We had a night full of Knockouts so let’s begin!

We return to see Angelina Love making her way onto the entrance stage wearing an outfit that TNA must have recycled since I’m pretty sure she’s worn that top a hundred times. She gets to the ring, grabs the microphone and claims that Velvet hasn’t been answering her calls all week (who would?). She then tells Velvet to come out and tell her what the hell her problem is, which I’m hoping is those awful extensions she’s wearing. Velvet happily obliges and makes her way to the ring, wearing a pair of hideous shoes. Velvet says she’s pissed off at Angelina Love for attacking Madison Rayne backstage last week.  She said Angelina lied to her and asked her what her problem was and that she didn’t sign up for this. Angelina fires back saying without her she’s mediocre and lets be honest she’s mediocre even when she’s with her. She says she lost her edge. Velvet says nothing and Angelina proclaims that with her she had killer swag (what is this, 8th grade?). Angelina says she left for two years and all the time Velvet became somebody’s bitch. Angelina says she has a match tonight and after the match she better pick a side…

We return from a commercial and Angelina Love makes her way out to the ring for her match. Out next is the TNA Knockouts champion Madison Rayne who looks stunning in blue. Madison wastes no time and slides into the ring, attacking Angelina Love as the bell rings.

004 (12)Madison connects with a clothesline in the corner and works over Angelina Love with a flurry of stomps and strikes. She means business tonight! Angelina rolls out of the ring and calls for a time out, but Rayne isn’t having it and begins chasing her around the ring. back inside the ring Madison gets Angelina into the corner as Velvet Sky makes her way to the ringside area to look on. Madison goes to attack Angelina who’s in the ropes but Angelina sends her out to the floor! Velvet cheers Madison on as Angelina yells at her and gets her back into the ring. Angelina gets back inside and focuses her attention to Velvet, complaining which opens up a spot for Madison to roll her up for a two count! Madison gets back up and gets Angelina into yet another pin for a two count. Madison runs right into a hard kick from Angelina, doubling her over and allowing Love to take advantage once again. Love attacks with a jawbreaker and taunts to the crowd. Angelina throws Velvet outside once again as Velvet eggs Madison on to continue, which upsets Angelina as she claims she should be helping her. Back inside the ring Angelina covers Madison for a to count, which only upsets her more. Angelina chocks Madison on the ring ropes until the referee intervenes. Angelina knocks her square in the face with a punch and then goes to attack. Madison ducks the attempt and when they meet in the middle of the ring the two knockouts drive each other head first into the mat!

007The crowd gets behind them, cheering them on and they both get to a standing position. The two exchange strikes until Madison sends Madison away. Madison reruns with a hard clothesline and follows it up with yet another one! Angelina gets back to her feet and walks right into a northern suplex! Love kicks out in just the nick of time. Rayne hits a low dropkick onto Love, sending her kerning to the floor below! Angelina and Velvet begin to argue as Love gets to her feet which allows Rayne to hit a sliding dropkick to the back of Angelina. Madison gets out of the ring and sends Love right back inside the ring. As she does the referee checks on her which allows Velvet Sky to grab her so called friend and drive her head first into the arena floor with a DDT! Velvet sends her into the ring and Angelina Love picks up her scarabs, hooks her legs and gets the three count win!

The Beautiful People have finally reunited! The two celebrate Angelina’s win as they make fun of Madison Rayne as the show goes to a commercial.

That wasn’t the only showing of the Knockouts on the show as we got a new knockout debut in the form of Knux’s sister? In this vignette we saw a new girl who Knux claims to be a family member show him the destruction after coming back home. Everyone’s sister wears booty shorts while going through old things, right? This makes me miss Claire Lynch.

We also got a nice segment from Sam Shaw and Christy Hemme that gave me life. Christy Hemme is such a great actress and any girl who agrees to have a strand of hair cut from their head gets kudos from me, especially when their hair looks as good as Hemme’s.

I love how TNA seems to be focusing on the Knockouts once again. They got a segment and a great match. We also got a glimpse at the new Knockout that seems to be connected to Knux and storyline progression from Christy Hemme and Sam Shaw.

The turning of Velvet Sky really interests me. I love the beautiful people and I’m so glad they are back together. So many things they can do with this storyline and it’s clear that this is a big thing in TNA with how many segments they have devoted to Angelina, Velvet, and Madison over the last few weeks. I can’t wait to see what happens next!