REVIEW: Hell In a Cell – You Can’t Miss The Forest For The Trees

This past Sunday, Raw had their second live PPV, Hell in a Cell. Marketed as a “Triple Main Event” (lolmkay). We saw the first two women to ever step foot in the Cell. Sasha Banks defended the women’s championship against former Champion, Charlotte. Would Sasha be able to overcome Charlotte on a PPV? Would Charlotte keep her undefeated streak on WWE PPVs? Would everyone be able to walk after the match?

But First.

We had another women’s match on the card. Bayley and Dana Brooke continued their feud throughout the past month, usually with Dana getting the upperhand. Would Bayley be able to overcome Dana? or would the injured shoulder be too much of a target for Bayley to overcome?


Bayley comes to the ring first to a decent pop. Out next comes Dana Brooke in one of the best gears she has had in quite some time. As Dana makes her way to the ring we are greeted by the international announce teams. The two share words and Dana is soon to pat Bayley on the head, Bayley pushes her away and the chain wrestling begins. Dana eventually gets the upper hand with an elbow to the head before slamming Bayley to the mat. Dana taunts Bayley, but that only sparks Bayley to take advantage with multiple turnbuckle smashes on Dana before taking her down with a dropkick into the corner. Bayley gets a two count before she lifts Dana back up, but is shoved into the corner by Dana. Dana charges but is met with an elbow to the face. Bayley hops up onto the second rope and jumps back catching Dana with a deep arm drag that looks amazing.

Dana ends up in the other corner and Bayley charges, but Dana catches her and drops her on the top turnbuckle before going to work on the already injured shoulder. She kicks the arm of Bayley before telling her she is going to break her arm. Dana tries to rip the arm of Bayley off by draping it over the top rope and pulling, breaking before a five count. Dana then flips up and chokes Bayley with her boot again breaking before five. and takes down Bayley with a clothesline for a two count. Dana then camel clutches Bayley under the bottom rope before sliding out and slamming Bayley’s arm on the apron. Again Dana goes back to work on the arm pulling it over the middle rope. Bayley eventually backs into the corner and tries to fight Dana, but once again Dana goes after the arm to stop Bayley’s attack. Bayley goes to the mat and Dana slams once again on Bayley’s arm. Eventually, Dana translates this into a modified bow and arrow. Bayley eventually fights out, flipping Dana over and breaking the hold, but again Dana attacks the arm and eventually traps the arm of Bayley and lifts her into the air before slamming her into the top rope. Dana brings Bayley to the corner and attacks her with multiple shoulder thrusts. Dana goes for the choke with her boot again, but Bayley kicks her off and then attacks with a dropkick. Dana grabs Bayley by the hair and whips her into the corner, but Bayley goes to the outside apron and is met with a forearm from Dana. Dana tries to slam Bayley into the turnbuckle, but Bayley puts her boot up to stop it, but Dana twists the arm of Bayley and slams it on the top rope.

Dana tries to drag Bayley in the ring but Bayley fights back and eventually is able to stun Dana by draping her over the middle rope. Bayley gets back in and hits a forearm with her bad arm and takes the sell that Dana has been working on the arm and switches arms for multiple forearms before sending Dana into the ropes and taking her down with some double arm sledges. Dana ducks the last one, but Bayley pushes her into the corner and attacks with a back elbow, and then an exploder suplex. Dana is found in a sitting position and Bayley charges with a low clothesline. Bayley goes to the top and takes down Dana with a spinning elbow. Bayley motions for a Bayley to Belly, but Dana attacks the bad arm and pushes Bayley away, But Bayley gets Dana with the Bayley to Belly and the pinfall win. Bayley finally gets some revenge on Dana Brooke.

Finally, in the true main event of the night, Sasha and Charlotte get ready to step in the cell.


After an awesome video package, Charlotte’s music hits and out she comes on a throne, being carried to the ring by four men. Boy does Charlotte look amazing. Where has this gear been her whole life? Charlotte poses before being dropped off at the ring. She poses in the ring as her music eventually fades. There is a delay in silence as the Boston crowd chants for Sasha. After a minute of silence, Sasha Banks’ music hits and the crowd goes crazy.

Can we stop here for a second. This crowd has already made this match worth it.

Sasha comes to the ring in an escalade and Charlotte doesn’t even look at Sasha until she eventually gives an evil side eye. Sasha keeps the title raised and poses with the title above her head. Sasha enters the ring and poses with the title again as Jojo gives us formal ring introductions. The two then share words and the cell then begins to lower and this is a moment that will go down in history. Before the Cell completely lowers, Charlotte attacks and sends Sasha out of the ring. and to the outside of the cell. Charlotte slams Sasha on the announce table. Sasha then sends Charlotte into the crowd and the two start fighting in the crowd. The two trade shots back and forth, but Sasha gets the upperhand sending her over the barricade and back to the outside floor. Sasha clears one of the announce tables and grabs onto Charlotte, but Charlotte pushes her and then begin to climb the Cell!

Sasha follows and mideway up the cell, Sasha begins to slam Charlotte face first into the cell. Charlotte falls, but then catches Sasha in a powerbomb position and powerbombs Sasha straight into the table!

Dear. God. Sasha legitimately got destroyed. Either Sasha deserves an award for her selling, or she is legitimately hurt.

The ref checks on Sasha, Charlotte tries to attack as Sasha lays literally motionless with her eyes closed, still folded over. The ref eventually tells Charlotte to back off as they continued to check on Sasha. Sasha eventually rises but falls again as they start walking around the cell. Sasha stumbles and really sells her back as being injured even though she tries to fight away the refs. Eventually we get a stretcher out and Sasha is put out on the stretcher after trying to be able to stand on her own. Sasha is noticeably emotional as she cries out in pain. Charlotte goes into the cell and tells the ref to give her the title. As the ref grabs the title, and Sasha is put on the stretcher, Jojo begins an announcement for Charlotte to become the champion.

However, right before the end of the announcement, Sasha gets off the stretcher, attacks the “EMTs” and gets in the cell yelling for them to close the door. The ref asks if Sasha is sure and she yells to ring the bell. The ref eventually calls for the bell and we have a match!

Charlotte tries to attack Sasha, but Sasha grabs her and brings her to the outside and slams her into the cell. Charlotte gets back in the ring but is followed by Sasha who continues the attack with multiple strikes. Charlotte rolls out and tries to shake the door to get out, but Sasha follows and grabs Charlotte striking with an open hand chop. Charlotte tries to attack but Sasha ducks and nails another chop. Charlotte tries to get away by climbing through the ring but Sasha grabs her leg. Charlotte uses her leg to bring Sasha in, sending her face first into the turnbuckle. Sasha looks dazed as the two catch a breather. Charlotte turns her attention back to Sasha and nails a monkey flip, sending Sasha into the cell and landing on her neck.

And that landing looked as painful as that suicide dive landing from one of their earlier matches.

Charlotte throws Sasha into the ring and goes for a cover, but gets a two. Charlotte then knees Sasha’s back and eventually goes and stretches Sasha through the ropes using her boot for leverage. Charlotte paces around Sasha before lifting her up and nailing an exploder suplex into the corner. Charlotte with another two count. Charlotte nails a clubbing blow to Sasha’s back and tries for another suplex, but Sasha rolls out and nails a backstabber and applies the bank statement. But Charlotte grabs Sasha and just dumps her out of the ring, Sasha slamming back first into the apron before falling into the floor. And Jesus, I swear she’s injured.

Charlotte sends Sasha back into the ring and grabs a chair and send it into the ring. Charlotte climbs up, but Sasha nails a dropkick, sending Charlotte into the cell. Sasha runs against the ropes OMG SHES GOING SUICIDE DIVE. No, she just nails a low dropkick (whew). OH GOD SHE’S CHARGING AGAIN. SUICIDE DIVE. THEY BOTH FLY INTO THE CELL. HOW. IS. SASHA. MOVING.

Sasha sends Charlotte into the ring and grabs the chair. Sasha opens it up in the center of the ring but Charlotte kicks Sasha in the stomach. She tries to send Sasha into the chair twice but Sasha blocks both times. Sasha tries the same thing, but Charlotte blocks and Sasha backs into the corner and is met with multiple hard chops from Charlotte. Charlotte continues with chops and then climbs the turnbuckle to taunt over Sasha. But Sasha slips under and grabs the boot of Charlotte, dropping her on the top turnbuckle and then begins multiple strikes on Charlotte. Charlotte eventually pushes Sasha away. Sasha comes back at Charlotte, who pushes Sasha away again. Charlotte charges Sasha but Sasha nails a drop toe hold that sends Charlotte face first into the chair! Sasha grabs Charlotte by the head and slams her face first into the chair seven times before taunting briefly. Sasha looks around before charging the ropes, but Charlotte catches her and nails a sideslam back first into the chair!

Charlotte goes for the cover, but Sasha kicks out at two! Charlotte then begins to stop on Sasha, who is down near the corner, and begins to stretch Sasha over the turnbuckle post from the outside to wrench further on the back. Charlotte taunts, but Sasha kicks Charlotte sending her face first into the cell. Another kick and Sasha then charges off, but Charlotte catches her and sends her into the cell, but Sasha hangs on like Spiderman. As Charlotte turns around Sasha leaps off with double knees taking down Charlotte. Both women are out as the ref checks on them both.

Both women begin to stir and make it to their feet at the same time. They charge. Charlotte looks for a boot but Sasha catches her foot and swings it down so Charlotte is met with a knee to the face. Sasha sends Charlotte into the cell twice and Charlotte yells in pain as she begins to rise, Sasha charges and nails high knees into Charlotte who is sent into the cell. Sasha follows up to a seated Charlotte with knees again into the cell. Sasha sends Charlotte into the ring and taunts to the crowd. Sasha charges a cornered Charlotte with knees again before nailing a three amigas on Charlotte. Sasha goes to the top and nails a frog splash but only gets a two count.

Charlotte looks dazed and Sasha is in shock. Sasha turns around and grabs Charlotte in the bank statement, but Charlotte fights her way out of the ring. Charlotte gets back on the apron and nails shoulder thrust and kick, however, as she tries to get in, Sasha catches her with multiple knees and lays Charlotte over the middle rope in the corner. Sasha then grabs a chair and rests it on the bottom rope under Charlotte before jumping on the ropes and nailing Charlotte with the double knees as she lands hard on the set up chair. Sasha with a cover and again a two count. The crowd is so into this, it’s great.

Sasha is visibly frustrated. Charlotte rolls out of the ring and Sasha tries to grab her, but Charlotte grabs Sasha and slams her face first on the stairs. Sasha looks completely out of it on the ring floor. Charlotte puts Sasha back in the ring and brings out a table and sets it up on the ring floor. Charlotte climbs up to the turnbuckle and grabs Sasha, after some sledges back and forth on the top turnbuckle and a knee from Sasha. Charlotte falls off the top but barely holds on until Sasha kicks her and she falls back on the table and the leg snaps.

Charlotte sells as best as she can and Sasha comes down to put Charlotte in the ring. She goes for the cover but gets a two count. Sasha pushes the table aside and goes back under for another table. She puts it up into the ring but Charlotte stops her before shoving the table into the chest of Sasha and sending her back first into the cell. Charlotte grabs the table and sets it up in the ring. Sasha eventually rolls into the ring and nails Charlotte with a forearm and slams her head on the table. Charlotte falls back slightly and Sasha jumps onto the table and leaps in the air but is caught by Charlotte who nails an STO-Like backbreaker and then a big boot. Charlotte then grabs the leg and applies the figure four. Sasha crawls under the table as Charlotte arches into the figure eight. Sasha grabs the chair and slams it into Charlotte three times forcing a break of the hold. Charlotte grabs her ribs as Sasha slowly stirs on the other side. They both slowly make it to their feet and Sasha tries to whip Charlotte but Charlotte turns it on Sasha with a wicked forearm. Charlotte keeps a hold of Sasha’s arms as she yells “You will respect me” and chills literally went down my spine. This is the fight I wanted to see.

Charlotte lifts Sasha and tries to whip her but Sasha returns it with a forearm of her own. She tries to whip Charlotte and the two collide each with a forearm. They both get to their feet, Charlotte tries for a clothesline, Sasha ducks and comes back after a twist in the air Sasha comes down and looks for the Bank Statement, but Charlotte stops it with two vicious backbreakers and a spinning sideslam. Charlotte goes for the cover but only gets a two. Charlotte looks visibly upset and Sasha looks out as Charlotte slowly gets to her feet. Charlotte lifts up Sasha and puts her on the table, lifting her up to slap her right back down. Charlotte yells that Sasha will bow down and slaps her again before going up to the top looking for what seems to be a moonsault. Sasha gets up though and pushes a leg of Charlotte who falls on the top turnbuckle. Sasha gives some vicious strikes and moves the table so it is resting on the second turnbuckle. Sasha then goes up to Charlotte and looks for a powerbomb but her back gives out and Charlotte falls. Charlotte then grabs Sasha and throws her onto the table but the table doesn’t break and it looks like a nasty spill. Charlotte grabs Sasha again and throws her on the table. Again, it doesn’t break but that spill looks even worse and Sasha rolls off the table into a kneeling position. Natural Selection! Charlotte covers, 1…2…OH MY GOD 3.


It’s Over.

Charlotte wins. Charlotte becomes the women’s champ and celebrates in the ring as Hell in a Cell comes to a close.

Okay. Mind break. Lets start at the top.

Bayley and Dana had a match that we’ve ultimately seen before. These two do have a good chemistry in the ring and this was your normal, attack the body part, Bayley comes back to win kind of match. But that’s what makes Bayley shine. Dana did look strong, attacking the arm and seems to come more into her own. Plus it was nice not seeing her paired with Charlotte at all during Hell in a Cell. They were each their own entity, and that was refreshing. During the after show, Bayley half-challenged Charlotte, so it seems she could be the next person to challenge Charlotte. Which I am not vehemently opposed to. The match was your normal Women’s match, I wish we had more of a spot where these two could shine, but I’ll take it for what it was, a relatively clean match with a feel good end. 2.5 stars out of 5.

Onto THEE main event. Can we step back for a second. The women main evented a WWE pay per view. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate Sasha and Charlotte. If you have a passion for women’s wrestling, this is a huge deal. In all honesty, if you would have asked me last year if I thought the women could main event a pay per view, I would have told you yes, but a small one. But these two battled in a Hell in a Cell match. I know I talked about this on Siren Soundoff, but you used to not even be able to have these kinds of matches on the damn video games. Look where we are. This is huge. This is amazing. This is only the beginning. Just watching the cell descend on these two, was maybe the most amazing sight I’ve seen in women’s wrestling, ever. Yes. Ever.

This match, whether you felt positive or negative about the build up, really came through. You can tell that not every single thing happened the way it should of. (See both table spots). But can we talk about how these women didn’t let that show? That in and of itself deserves major kudos.

The way this match went (minus the last two minutes) was such an amazing story. These two showed they were willing to do anything and put on an all out war against each other. They put on the match we hoped for. Yes there were amazing, cringeworthy, spots that genuinely have me worried that Sasha is still alive. But this match told the story of this feud. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired of Sasha and Charlotte or not, this match was an amazing exclamation point. This was a war. I felt like I took some of the swings. This match will go down in history not just because it was the first time two women fought in hell in a cell, but because the match was that damn good.

Onto the end. You can ask the rest of the SCS team, I was pissed at this result for a couple of reasons. Looking back at the other two hell in a cell matches, there was something that finally showed one competitor could take no more. Rollins powerbomb through the chairs, or Rusev taking that huge spear, it was an end point, something to be really excited about. Now I can tell the table spot didn’t go the way it was supposed to. But I still find it hard to believe that two tosses on a table and a natural selection was enough to put away Sasha. Not the powerbomb through the announce table, not the monkey flip into the cell, not the sideslam on the chair. It just didn’t seem like that would have done it. It just ended. And I remember my jaw hitting the floor.

Second, I was frustrated because I feel like this can’t be the actual end of Sasha and Charlotte. Sasha as champion should get a rematch clause, right? Which means we are in for more Sasha vs. Charlotte down the line. And I really want to see this feud take a break. Let me be crystal clear. I have loved Sasha vs. Charlotte. I think it tells an amazing story, these two clearly have chemistry, and they both are great workers whether you like it or not. These two have become stars on the entire roster, and although it is somewhat repetitive, with a roster of 6 or 7 girls, what do you expect? And personally, when Sasha Banks is your favorite person on any roster, you obviously want them to win.

But now looking back and watching this again. You can’t miss the forrest for the trees. This match is a match of the year candidate. These two went all out. These two are the stars of the entire Raw roster. Period. Sure, the end may not have been ideal. But these girls went 30. MINUTES. THIRTY. THREE. ZERO. In a literal, war. These two made this feud something. I want more. Period. Especially if these two put on matches of this caliber.

So where does this go? That’s the honest question. It seems Bayley may be next in line. But I’m ready for Sasha and Charlotte one more time. But obviously, these two can’t just have a singles match. You have to one up Hell in a Cell. So what does that mean? Iron Man? I Quit? Last Man Standing? Something. But if it goes like this, every single wrestling fan should be excited.

Overall, this PPV goes down in history for Women’s Wrestling, and the match lived up to the expectations. 4.5 stars out of 5. These two are the stars of the women’s division, and I’m willing to argue it over Smackdown, which will probably happen on a Siren Sound Off soon. So I tip my hat to you Charlotte and Sasha, you killed it, and I’m not just talking about Sasha’s back.

Until next time!

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