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REVIEW: Fiesta Pro Wrestling – 10/15/16

Fiesta Pro Wrestling took place last night in Deer Park, NY at NYWC. The card was stacked and the audience was into each match. Below are reviews of each of the women matches that took place last night.

Maria Manic Vs. Annie Social

This opening women’s match was one of my favorites of the night. Maria and Annie have good chemistry in the ring that makes you enjoy their work. Maria played a great face getting the  crowd on her side while Annie did a great job as the heel. We had great back and forth action that led to Maria picking up the win with a roll up. The action spilled outside the ring and Annie and Maria traded blows before Annie launched Maria into the guardrails. Social is a hard hitter and Maria once again proved she belongs in the ring with great talent.

Penelope Ford Vs. Faye Jackson

I have never had the pleasure of watching these two women perform and I was not disappointed. Faye Jackson definitely plays up her character using “what her mama gave her” if you know what I mean. This was a fun match and a very impressive outing from Penelope Ford. Ford won the match after hitting a handspring cutter.

Karen Q Vs. Nyla Rose

This match I am giving “match of the night”. If you do not agree you were either in the bathroom or buying a 50/50 raffle ticket and not paying attention. Whether Karen is booked as a face or heel she gets you involved in her character. She also won the costume contest which started out the night. I have never had the pleasure of seeing Nyla Rose compete and I was blown away. Nyla has her stuff together. Nyla draped Karen over the top rope and came crashing down on her off the top turnbuckle in an amazing moment! I thought the match was over at that moment but Karen kicked out at a two. Karen got Nyla in a boston crab submission and almost got the win. This match kept you on the edge of your seat! Nyla won after a burning hammer. Both women did an amazing job!

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mandy Leon

This was the main event of the night and as soon as the bell rang Deonna went for her armbar submission hold, wanting to end the match quickly. However, Mike Law interrupted the match saying Deonna had no friends and shouldn’t be in the main event. Deonna said she did have a friend and would accept a mixed tag match. Her partner would be revealed as Wes Draven. The ladies didn’t have much in ring time but once they were tagged in Deonna went for her armbar once again which lead to Mike law breaking the submission hold. Wes attacked Mike while Deonna unloaded a bag of candy corn in the ring and hit a spike DDT on Mandy Leon which awarded her the win!

We want to give a few shoutouts.

The first one is to AJ for having us attend his event.

A second one to Aj Orsini for doing a great job on the microphone (when it worked) and keeping the crowd engaged and the show going.

Last shout out goes to Tracy Wayne Gacy who was a manager last night for Wes Draven.

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