REVIEW: Ember Unleashes The Fire And Kairi Gets Retribution

Rapid Results:

  • Ember Moon vs Shayna Baszler ended in a no contest after Kairi Sane attacked Shayna

The Rundown:

Right at the bell, Ember Moon nailed Shayna with a single-legged dropkick and fired with fists. Shayna Baszler tried to get ahold of her arm, but Ember snuck out and began kicking Baszler’s hip. She went back to the fists, retaliating against Shayna’s every attempt. She knocked Shayna over with a brutal knee to her face and went back to beating her with kicks and fists. The referee backed Ember up and slammed Shayna with a step up enziguri before letting out her war cry. Moon then kicked Shayna in the face and went to the top rope to execute her Eclipse. Luckily, Shayna had enough energy to escape to ringside. However, this didn’t stop Ember from beating Baszler’s ass. She leaped back into the ring and soared through the ropes, diving onto Shayna and slamming her back into the announce table. Both women were laid out; Ember reliving her arm injury.

Shayna uses this to her advantage and tossed Ember back in. She began contorting Moon’s arm and attempting to break it any way possible. Moon got to the ropes and the referee forced Shayna to let go of her vicious armbar. Ember managed to escape and rolled Baszler up, but the submission magician got out and tossed Ember shoulder-first into the steel pole. Moon tumbled to ringside, but Shayna wasn’t going to let her off that easy. She ripped the cover off of the metal barricade and pulled the champion’s arm through it, then kicking it against the metal rods and pulling it against the structure. The referee ordered Shayna to stop, but Baszler pushed him back and began spinning Ember’s injured arm.

All of a sudden, Kairi Sane walks up the steps and leaps onto Shayna with a forearm! She mounts Baszler and attacks her with a series of punches. The bell continuously rang, but Kairi had no intention of stopping! After Shayna retreated to ringside, Sane looked at Ember and the official. Baszler tried to sneak attack the Mae Young Classic winner, but Kairi soared across the ring and drilled her with a spear. Kairi helped Ember up and they walked backstage.


This is where I share my opinion, and I’m going to do exactly that. First off, why? Why is Shayna getting another opportunity? I clearly remember her losing her opportunity at TakeOver. She did nothing interesting in that match, and she did less in this one. Her match with Dakota had me invested with what she was going to bring to the division, but she has done nothing worthwhile since. Ember did everything in this match. Hell, she even beat herself up, which allowed Shayna to copy and paste the basic holds she did at TakeOver. I really don’t know why Shayna is in the title picture when there’s other women who are ready and can put on a classic with Ember.¬† It’s even worse that I can picture Shayna winning if these two have another¬†dragged out, unneeded match for the title.

I would much rather see a triple threat, or simply Kairi versus Ember. That would be match of the year quality.

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