REVIEW: Ember Silences Shayna And Candice LeRae Arrives

Rapid Recap:

  • Ember Moon retained her NXT Women’s Championship against Shayna Baszler
  • Candice LeRae debuted by attacking Zelina Vega

The Rundown:

In her second match in NXT, Shayna Baszler bet it all against the mysterious Ember Moon. Baszler brought it to Ember early on by keeping her grounded. She stayed on top of Ember until Moon went for a superkick, but she reversed. Baszler tried to hold Moon from behind, but the NXT Women’s Champion slid out and barrel rolled Shayna off her feet. She humbled Shayna with a series of dropkicks to the side of her face. The athleticism of Ember Moon sparked as she flew to ringside and took Shayna out with a suicide dive.

Once Shayna got the corner, Ember went for her signature flipping forearm, but Baszler was able to to side step Moon and begin drilling her with knees. Shayna kept Ember on the mat and contorted her arm into a similar position to what we’ve seen before. She then stomped on her arm, much like she did to Dakota Kai! Ember screamed in agony as Shayna capitalized by wrenching her arm and leaping onto it, then stomping on it and kicking her back. She continued to bend Ember’s arm in an armbar and cracked her wrist in an assortment of directions. The ‘NXT War Goddess’ was able to escape, but Shayna stuck her elbow into Ember’s spine and kicked it to keep her down. She then pulled her arm in the ropes and followed up by digging her foot into it. Shayna began getting cocky and Ember slapped the taste out of her mouth! Moon kicked her stomach, head and knocked her down with a right hand. The aerial specialist ran to the ropes and hit a beautiful springboard crossbody on the challenger. Moon ran into the corner and hit Shayna with a wicked fist. She then climbed to the top rope and went for a move we all know and love! The Eclipse! But her arm is too injured for her to take advantage and get a pin! Doctors and officials ran to ringside to check on the champion. She stomped over to Shayna but Baszler countered and flipped her into an armbar! Ember got to the ropes and tried to hold on for dear life, but Shayna pried her off and locked in the same submission! Ember squirmed like a fish out of water until she rolled Shayna on her back. 1! 2! 3! She did it! And still your NXT Women’s Champion, Ember Moon!

After celebrating a hard fought won, Ember began walking up the ramp, but didn’t make it far as a disrespectful Shayna attacked her from behind and locked in her a sleeper hold! Ember fell lifeless as Shayna went for it again and was pulled off by an array of referees! Consider Shayna’s message sent.

Andrade Almas’ best asset, Zelina Vega, bit off more than she could chew. After crashing Johnny Gargano into the steel steps with a hurricarana, Zelina Vega would soon meet her competition.

As Gargano fell to ringside, Vega went to ruin his chances of winning even more. However, Candice LeRae leaped over the barricade and speared Zelina to the ground! She began unloading on her with insane fists and forearms until she threw her into the barricade! The spitfire tried to run, but LeRae was right behind her and beat her all the way backstage.

In the end, Zelina’s master plan was executed as her man was victorious and was able to retain his title. Meanwhile, LeRae comforted her distraught husband who fell short tonight.

TakeOver Talk:

The match between Ember Moon and Shayna Baszler wasn’t bad, just a little underwhelming. Or very. I didn’t like how Ember didn’t hit the majority of her moveset and Shayna did mostly holds and a few strikes. It wasn’t anything special to me. It seems like the feud is going to continue, which I don’t mind as long as they don’t have another match at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans (or whatever they’re gonna call it).

I am obsessed with Zelina. She is everything I need in a powerful woman manager. She really brought Andrade from the worst part of his NXT career to being champion. The way she gets involved in the title defenses and actually executes moves on the men is amazing.

Her bit with Candice tonight was great. I loved how Candice was introduced and Zelina will maybe finally have someone to face off against. A mixed tag match would be everything, I’d be so down for that.

What did you guys think of NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia?