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REVIEW: Ember Retains And Shayna Arrives

On the final NXT of 2017, Absolution member Sonya Deville challenged Ember Moon for the NXT Women’s Championship. However, Deville wasn’t able to claim a victory as Ember Moon sealed her fate with an Eclipse.

The two lock up and Ember flaunts with a series of reversals which shakes Sonya up. Sonya battles back and the women bounce back with quick-paced reversals of their own. Deville gestured for a lock up, only to kick Ember when she was least expecting it. However, Ember doesn’t stay down for long and sends Sonya out of the ring, where she then executes a cannonball senton from the apron.

We come back from an NXT infomercial to see Sonya delivering gruesome knees to Ember’s gut and face. Sonya stays on top of Ember, not letting her get any opportunity to escape. She keeps her arms around Ember’s waist and drops her with a slam. The RAW Superstar keeps control over Moon for quite some time, but Ember is able to hit a wheelbarrow facebuster which sends Sonya face first into the turnbuckle. Both women are down. Sonya runs at Ember only to get hit with a float over butterfly suplex. The Champion hits Sonya with a wicked clothesline and goes for the cover, but fails to win. Ember attempts to go for a corner maneuver on a stunned Sonya, but Deville topples Ember over with some sort of elevated knee lift (pretty cool). Sonya looked to finish Ember off with some sort of sliding kick, but Ember dodged and pulled off an innovative springboard drop kick. Ember followed up with a deadly forearm in the corner and an Eclipse to take the win.

Ember’s celebration becomes short lived as Kairi Sane‘s theme hits. ‘The Pirate Princess’ came out and signaled she has her eye on the title. However, Shayna Baszler came up from behind Kairi and choked her out! Kairi squirmed left and right only to be knocked out seconds later! Shayna then turned her attention to Moon, could this be the end of Ember’s reign?

The match between Sonya and Ember was quite good. They had some fun spots and I love the rapid reversal sequences. It was also nice to see Kairi again! I’m just in shock about Shayna making her first appearance on NXT like that. And by the looks of it, this is the least to come. I wonder who the next number one contender will be now. Triple Threat perhaps? I guess we’ll have to find out next year! Until then…see you in 2018!

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